November 2016
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A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend”

The globalist elites seem to be panicking. As part of their project of replacing white Europeans and white Americans with inbred, low-IQ, violent, backwards, Third-World, excrement-covered savages they need to distract us plebs from what they’re really up to. In particular, they need to convince us that the invading Third-World locust armies of human filth […]

Turning Japanese, whooping and don’t believe the BBC gloating about France

Just some random thoughts today.

Turning Japanese

Hopefully some readers know what is meant by ‘turning Japanese’. But, apart from male orgasms, there could be another interpretation of the phrase ‘turning Japanese’.

I remember that in the 1960s (I think) there was a TV programme which presented clips from the most absurd TV around the […]

Europe 2029 – some people have seen the future

If this shortish (5 mins) video really was first published on YouTube in 2013 – before Merkel opened Europe’s borders to the Religion of Peace invasion armies, before the Paris and Brussels massacres and before the worst of the Sweden rape epidemic – then whoever made this film has truly understood our future.

Please lefties, […]

Come on chaps! Just one more decent slaughter to make this a record month!

Yesterday was a tremendous day for our friends from the Religion of Peace. Around 97 Shiite pilgrims were killed and another 40 or so injured in bombings at a petrol station used by the pilgrims as a popular stopping-off point:

In fact, November has been quite a good month for our chums […]

Pat Condell welcomes primitive, violent, inbred throwbacks to progressive multi-cultural Eurabia/Eurafrica

Here’s another video making me even more furious against nasty racists!

I want to stamp my feet and scream!! I want to shout and cry!!!!

I know that the Religion of Tolerance and Peace is a religion of tolerance and peace.

David Cameron told me so. Theresa May told me so. The Pope told me so. Saint Bob Geldorf told me so. Lily Allen (whoever she […]

More filth from filthy white waaaacccciiiissstttts!

I weally get vewy angwy indeed when howible white people pwoduce waaacccciiiissssstttt fings!

I bet this weally gets you angwy too!!!!!!

I bet this weally gets your goat, if your newly-arrived, Middle-Eastern neighbour hasn’t alweady got (and pleasured) your goat!!

I want a safe space where I can only hear my own opinions!!! I DEMAND […]

Something to cheer us all up on this dreary Monday morning

Idiot of the week?

Here are two ‘Tweets’ a Starbucks employee (sorry, I meant ‘former Starbucks employee’) wrote on 18 November and then on 19 November.


Ha-ha-ha-ha – it shows there sometimes is some justice in this life.

Cleanest migrant in Italy?

Oh, and here’s a migrant in Italy washing […]

Give! Give! Give! To the BBC’s “Bureaucrats in Need”

Since writing my book THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, I have frequently blogged about the extraordinary number of supposed “charities” in Britain and suggested that the over one million charity employees and 945,278 trustees at Britain’s 190,00+ charities probably live very well indeed off the £80bn a year we give in donations.

I noticed that the […]

Aleppo – honestly, who gives a toss?

(Going to be awfully politically incorrect today)

I almost can’t bring myself to watch the supposed ‘news’ nowadays. The more people rebel against the false, liberal, progressive gods of the Man-Made Climate Change scam, rule by the corrupt, NWO, unelected elites and the destruction of Western civilisation through uncontrolled Third-World immigration/invasion, the more mouth-frothingly biased […]