Labour crooks and sex criminals attack UKIP

As the Labour Party’s mouthpiece The Guardian tries to discredit UKIP candidates in the May 2 local elections, I thought it would be interesting to look at the kind of people Labour put into local government (I did the Tories yesterday).

Here are some stories where I could find reliable media coverage:

Labour councillor who […]

Panicked, corrupt Tories launch smear campaign against UKIP. Well, here’s a taste of your own medicine

If you read the papers, you’ll probably have noticed a flood of articles desperately trying to prove that many UKIP candidates in the local elections are racist or fascist or whatever. The newspapers claim to have found out about the UKIP candidates by trawling through their pasts and all the things they’re posted on the […]

Calling all Romanians and Bulgarians. Here’s how to get £36,000 a year benefits in Britain

Let’s say you are a Romanian or Bulgarian, married, 30-year-old, male, and have six kids, and you move to Britain. First thing that happens is that you’ll be given this helpful booklet explaining all the wonderful benefits to which you’re entitled as a citizen of the EUSSR. I believe it’s available in both Romanian and […]

Are these Britain’s “best value” bosses

A couple of days ago, I published a list suggesting which companies were run by Britain’s most overpaid bosses. And I promised to list Britain’s “best value” bosses:

As with the list of Britain’s most overpaid bosses, these figures need to be handled with care. In some instances, CEOs may own large holdings of the […]

Public-sector productivity “shoots up” by 0.0% a year

(I’ve just come across something so unbelievable, that I’m delaying releasing the list of Britain’s “best value” bosses till tomorrow)

As the arguments rage on about the need for austerity versus cutting too far and too fast, there is a wonderful report from the Office for National Statistics which no politicians dare mention. This report […]

Are these Britain’s 20 most overpaid bosses?

A reader of this blog contacted me yesterday and suggested that I back up my claims about British bosses being overpaid by revealing some names and numbers. It’s quite difficult to find comparative figures. But there’s a company called Obermatt which produces a report looking at executive pay. In particular they compare financial performance with […]

Britain’s executhieves have never had it so good – but they still want more, more, more

The economy may be stagnant. Our ever-rising national debt may be pushing us towards bankruptcy. We may be suffering from low wages and high inflation. But Britain’s bosses have never had it so good.

The figures are almost beyond astonishing. In the mid-1980s, executives at the FTSE100 companies were earning about 12 times the average […]

Have you heard of Michels’ “Iron Law of Oligarchy”?

I only read about it two days ago. But in a commonsense way, it explains the situation of the world and especially Europe and Britain today.

To quote from that great fount of (sometimes questionably accurate) wisdom, Wikipedia ‘The Iron Law of Oligarchy is a political theory, first developed by the German syndicalist, sociologist and […]

An idiot’s guide to the world financial crash – The story of Helga’s bar

(This was sent to me by a reader of this blog – I’ve tweaked this a bit, but can’t claim this as my own work. Apologies if you’ve already read this on other websites)

Helga is the proprietor of a bar. She realizes that virtually all of her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as […]

Stupid fool Osborne gives us the wrong kind of austerity – that’s why he’s so useless

Hopefully you all have well-paid jobs and busy, interesting lives and so don’t have time to keep up with the obscure details of a vicious little spat developing between our hopeless, hapless chancellor and the equally hopeless IMF. So, I’lll summarise briefly:

A few years ago, a couple of US economists, Ken Rogoff and Carmen […]