January 2014

What McKinsey management consultants really think of their stupid, gullible clients

I’m not sure if I’ve already used this. It’s a song reportedly sung at a McKinsey consultants’ Christmas party (to the tune of Hark The Herald Angels Sing) (click on picture to see more clearly)

If you aim to get the best result

And maximum performance you want to see

Then […]

Another ghastly truth about immigration the politicians don’t want us to know

Not much response to my simile competition yesterday (you can see the suggestions by clicking on the title of yesterday’s post). So I’ll deal with something a bit more serious today – yet another rather nasty side-effect of immigration that the politicians and bien pensants in the media don’t seem keen on mentioning.

If you […]

How about a little “simile competition”?

Following a comment made by a reader yesterday, I was wondering if I could lighten the mood during this miserable, cold, wet winter by running a little simile competition.

The reader wrote “Putting Ed Balls in charge of the economy is like putting the Yorkshire Ripper in charge of a woman’s hostel“.

So, would any […]

Labour’s 50p tax rate – much ado about nothing?

Labour have done it again – completely outsmarted the useless flounderer Cameron and the Tories. First it was Labour’s (undeliverable but electorally powerful) promise to freeze electricity bills. Now it’s their pledge to “squeeze the rich” by imposing a 50p tax rate on those earning more than £150,000. Both promises have been hugely popular with […]

A new meaning for the expression “Dutch courage”

A reader sent me this story. It seems to be from mid-2011. I’ve found it on many blogs but haven’t been able to find a mainstream media report which confirms this, so I don’t know if this is fully accurate. But it sounds plausible.

The Netherlands, where 6% of the population is now Muslim (in […]

Race and culture and health – the great NHS taboo?

We all know that the NHS is under pressure. Obviously there are many causes. One is the culture of bureaucracy, incompetence and waste of NHS management. For example, in 1997 the NHS had about 200,000 beds and around 25,000 managers (around 8 beds per manager). Now there are only about 144,000 beds and over 40,000 […]

A date for your diary? Monday 24 February.

I will be giving a talk for the Economic Research Council (ERC) on Monday 24 February.

The talk will be called “THE GREAT SAVINGS AND PENSIONS SCANDAL…and how to protect your money”. In the talk I will expose how the sales messages and methods used by financial services insiders to get us to put our […]

A busy couple of weeks for the world’s alarmists, sorry, I meant “scientists”

It seems that nowadays, the world’s “scientists” are much more interested in getting newspaper headlines than they are in producing serious and useful scientific research. And to get headline, you need a really horrific scare story – a “we’re all about to die” story.

First we had the Warmists. As Australia experienced an “unusual” heatwave […]

Our supine press and cowardly leaders seldom mention the slaughter that’s going on in the name of religion

There’s a website called I can’t verify whether what the website publishes is true and unbiased. I rather suspect the site is quite biased. However, if their information is mostly correct, then it seems there’s a minor religious war going on that our mainstream press seems uninterested in mentioning and our cowardly leaders prefer […]

Pssst! Wanna get rich? Then start a charity!

I’ve already written about the ludicrously large number of charities in Britain

Just in England and Wales there are an almost unbelievable 180,000 charities. Many of these will just be tax avoidance schemes which the useless overpaid, over-pensioned bureaucrats at the Charity Commission allow to continue as the more “charities” there are, the more […]