October 2019

The (blindingly obvious) link between low IQ and violence?

(Thursday blog)

Stating the obvious?

As I meandered through cyberspace yesterday, I began to wonder whether there had been many studies of the link between intelligence (as measured by IQ tests) and the tendency to violence, particularly violent crime and social breakdown.

I found loads of learned academics who managed to state the obvious – […]

African enriches Germany?

(Wednesday blog)

The Great Replacement

This blog has been a bit serious the last few days. So today I thought I’d lighten things up a bit. But only a bit.

First I’d like to show this picture I found floating somewhere around the Internet. It shows how fragile our advanced, democratic, Western civilisation is:

“Wake up Paddy, I think I have something to say to you”

(Tuesday blog)

(Firstly, apologies to Rod Stewart for the title of today’s blog)

Yesterday I opined about the ten techniques our rulers are using to destroy our civilisation. Today, I wanted to suggest why they were pushing the West to commit cultural and existential suicide. But I haven’t quite worked that one out yet.

So, […]

How to destroy a civilisation – in ten simple steps

(Monday blog)

Today I’m going to plagiarise a couple of readers’ comments.

Western civilisation is probably the greatest civilisation ever achieved by humanity in terms of scientific, social and political progress. More people have been brought out of poverty and given relatively comfortable lives by Western civilisation than by any previous civilisation.

It’s always easy […]

Come to ‘peaceful’ Sweden and get raped, blown up or shot

(weekend blog)

Oh Sweden, what have you done?

I know Sweden quite well. I speak Swedish and have worked in Sweden for several years. OK, I know Sweden used to be possibly the most boring country in the world and the Swedes some of the most boring people you would ever meet. But the country’s […]

Hey, old people! Drop dead so we’ve got more room for rapemigrants!

(Friday blog)

You’d think our globalist rulers would be more than delighted with the millions of Third-worlders they’ve managed to bring into the West. After all, now that Salvini has been deposed in Italy, the NGOs can run their luxury ferry services from Africa to the EU without any limits on the numbers of highly-educated […]

Happy “International Pronouns Day” to you all

(Thursday blog)

Happy International Pronouns Day to you all

I apologise. I’ve missed yet another important day in your lives – International Pronouns Day.

Yes, last Thursday – 17 October – was International Pronouns Day. How could I have forgotten? How could I have been so remiss?

International Pronouns Day is an incredibly important day. […]

Is censorship in Britain worse than in the former Soviet Union? Oh, and Climate Catastrophe!

(Wednesday blog)

Soviet-style censorship?

Today’s title might at first look a bit exaggerated. But let’s consider today’s British academia and media. As the madness of the political correctness, thought-control fascists engulfs us, you’re not allowed to mention any of the following subjects:

whether men (with penises) self-identifying as women are real women whether immigration is […]

It looks like the Remainers have won

(Tuesday blog)

Oh dear. It looks like the Remainers have won. They have, of course, been ably assisted by the (IMHO) low-life, lying, hypocritical, garbage like Bercow, Letwin, Grieve, Hammond and Starmer.

We can now see the Remainers’ plan for sabotaging Brexit and keeping us in their beloved, German-run Fourth Reich also known as the […]

Why don’t Brexiteers use the courts too?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

What a mess! What a f**king disaster! Brexit delayed yet again and again and again by (IMHO) scumbag lying Remainers. Letwin, Grieve, Soubry, Gauke and all the other (IMHO) lying Remainer garbage.

But, if the Remoaner scum can use the courts to block the Government and Brexit, why can’t Brexiteers use them to […]