January 2019
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Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

(Thursday/Friday blog)

All hail Saint Bob

I know you’ll all be as excited as I was to hear that Saint Bob Geldorf of Africa has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by that great and prestigious academic institution – the University of Limerick. In a press interview following the receipt of his obviously well-earned doctorate, […]

Who is really wrecking the NHS and social services?

(Wednesday blog)

Welcome to Crapistan

Let’s start with a nice picture:

And here’s some of the text that went with that picture:

Over 82.5% of parents in Pakistan are first cousins, 6.8% are blood relatives, 6.3% belong to the same caste and family, and only 4.4% are married out of their families.


White Eastern Europeans? Pull the other one, Cressida!

(Tuesday blog)

Here’s a picture of two men who are being sought by the Met Police for raping another man. The rape took place on 24 October 2018. But the Met police have only just released the pictures. So one could wonder why it took useless politically-correct Cressida Dick’s useless politically-correct Met Police so long […]

It’s freezing! No, it’s warming! No way, it’s freezing! Bollox, it’s warming! Etc etc

(Monday blog)

Here’s a headline from a US newspaper in 1934:

At the time, the world’s climatologists all apparently agreed that the Earth was warming so rapidly that the polar ice caps would melt and many major coastal cities would become uninhabitable. Helpfully, the newspaper also had a nice picture of how […]

Let’s import more backwards, violent savages to make our country more diverse

(weekend blog)

I am a brainless, progressive, lefty, BBC-believing, virtue-signalling, rapefugee-hugging, brain-dead snowflake.

I believe that all cultures are equal, that there is no evil anywhere in the world, that sh*t-hole countries are sh*t-holes because of nasty waacisst Western colonialists and that if we all sat around – people of every race – lit candles, […]

Check your mattress – there might be a multi-cultural enricher inside

(Friday blog)

First some good news that the BBC and C4 News might have ‘forgotten’ to report – following the election of the patriotic Bolzonaro in Brazil, one of his first acts as president was to pull out of the UN Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration – the agreement that makes migration a […]

Leave should have meant leave

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

If you go to the Leave Means Leave website, just by entering your postcode you can send a pre-written email to your MP demanding that he/she abides by the 2016 vote to leave the EU.

Here’s the link to the website:


I just did this and received a pre-written reply from my […]

Britain surrenders to the Religion of Peacefulness and Wonderfullness

(Tuesday blog)

Britain surrenders to the Religion of Peace

Somewhere in Crapistan, persecuted Christian Aasia Bibi is rotting away having been supposedly freed after 8 years condemned to death for supposedly ‘insulting the prophet’.

Whenever Third-world detritus wants to come to Britain, we’re told we must accept them because of Britain’s supposed […]

97% of Chicken Little’s friends agree the sky is falling

(Monday blog)

Ever since their infamous “Hockey Stick” graph was shown to be based on fraudulent data, the Himalayan glaciers didn’t melt as predicted and the earth stopped warming more than 15 years ago, the Warmists have been desperately looking for a new weapon with which to attack anyone who didn’t subscribe to their Man-Made […]

Being a rapefugee-hugging lefty can seriously damage your health

(weekend blog Saturday/Sunday 5-6 January)

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson to start off the year. He helpfully shows that being a holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, self-righteous, naive, snowflake, rapefugee-hugging lefty idiot can seriously damage your health.

But where do all these holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, self-righteous, naive, snowflake, rapefugee-hugging, lefty idiots come from? Here’s a clue: our universities, which have […]