January 2019

Another town twinned with Rotherham?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Today I wanted to write about how Islamic terrorism (which, of course, has nothing to do with Islam which is a religion of peace) has been totally stopped in Myanmar while it is increasing in several neighbouring countries. But I suspect such a post would be considered politically-incorrect. So I’ll have to give […]

Quiet week last week from the Religion of Peace

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

There was a nice demonstration of tolerance last week when our friends from the Religion of Peace set off two bombs at a Catholic cathedral in the Philippines. The first bomb killed a few people and then the second bomb was detonated as security forces rushed to help the victims of the first […]

Trump kicks ass at the Daily Telegraph (and the Daily Mail)

(Monday blog)

Apologies to those of you who have already seen this story. But I thought it was so brilliant that it would be worth mentioning it again here in case anyone missed it.

I have just read the most grovelling and humiliating apology by a newspaper I have ever seen. It appeared in the […]

More infantile insults from a reader and Trump was right (as usual)

(weekend blog)

More infantile abuse

Writing an almost daily blog can take up a fair bit of time. First you have to think of a story. Then in my case I try to find some facts and figures that back up that story. Like, for example, exposing the “black lives matter” protesters for the progressive, […]

Do black lives matter to lefties?

(Friday blog)

I’ll just start with a comment from a reader “Craig seems to be getting more and more extreme and if he has anything useful to say he now fails to get the message across.” Hopefully that reader will go back to the Guardian and not waste his valuable time on my obviously pointless […]

Hey botty-botherers, isn’t this what you voted for?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Research in the US suggests that over 80% of gay men – botty-botherers, shirt-lifters, anus-addicts (I don’t know what the latest politically-correct term is so please forgive me if I use a term that some people feel is inaccurate in any way) – vote democrat. In the UK, similar research suggests that over […]

The feminists are silent, they don’t give a damn………

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Feminists rule

Hardly a day goes by without yet another rabid libtard supposed Feminist ranting about #metoo and how awful white Western men are:

And yes, there are many white Western men who have abused their positions to exploit vulnerable females. There’s alleged rapist Bill “Cigar” Clinton, for example. Although […]

How stupid are the Irish?

(weekend blog)

It used to be common for comedians to make jokes about the Irish being a bit thick. But I imagine an “Irish joke” now would be considered a supposed “hate crime”. So I’ll just stick to documented facts. Though in today’s politically-correct, snowflake world, criticising a group, even just using official reports and […]

Let us give thanks to Saint Bob of Africa

(Thursday/Friday blog)

All hail Saint Bob

I know you’ll all be as excited as I was to hear that Saint Bob Geldorf of Africa has just been awarded an honorary doctorate by that great and prestigious academic institution – the University of Limerick. In a press interview following the receipt of his obviously well-earned doctorate, […]

Who is really wrecking the NHS and social services?

(Wednesday blog)

Welcome to Crapistan

Let’s start with a nice picture:

And here’s some of the text that went with that picture:

Over 82.5% of parents in Pakistan are first cousins, 6.8% are blood relatives, 6.3% belong to the same caste and family, and only 4.4% are married out of their families.