March 2016

How to beat your wife

As the *sl*mic invasion of Europe gathers pace and M*sl*ms already in Europe outbreed the indigenous population, I believe one useful role my little blog can play is to prepare readers for the glorious future before us as Europe moves from being a collection of proud, independent countries to becoming the EUSSR – an economically […]

Why can’t our stupid rulers understand “demographics will always beat economics”?

I’m not an economist. I’m just a failed writer who can’t get people to buy his books or view his YouTube videos.

So, I sometimes wonder if I’m going mad when it’s blindingly obvious to me that the economic policies being pursued by our rulers can only end in total failure and a massive economic […]

Fritz’s retirement plans vs M*h*mmed’s retirement plans

A reader sent me the link below. I think I did cover this a few months ago. But in case I didn’t, here it is:

The link is to an article describing how the average German’s (Fritz) plans to pay for their retirement. It then compares this with how the average Middle-East immigrant (M*h*mmed) plans […]

Bungling Belgian police are at war – with themselves!

Every day we seem to learn more about how utterly useless the bungling Belgian police are. Apparently, the Belgian police were told in December 2015 where Paris murderer Salah Abdeslam was hiding, but the information was never passed on to the right people. One of the Brussels airport suicide bombers was sent back to Belgium […]

Exposing Cameron’s “Project Fear” lies

(I am travelling from Wednesday 23 March. Back on Tuesday 29 March. In the meantime, here’s a piece mainly taken from a UKIP email exposing the blatant, almost puerile lies Cameron is using to try to frighten people into voting to remain in Eurabia – formerly known as the EUSSR)

Myth 1: Being in the […]

Hey, Erdogan! No need to kill them! Just send them to Europe!

(Monday/Tuesday blog) I fail to understand why no mainstream media has realised what Turkish leader and (IMHO) world-class scumbag Erdogan is really up to with his latest blackmailing of Angela Merkel and her sycophantic stooges in the EU.

You have to remember that, while the EU’s worthless incompetent leaders couldn’t plan their way out of […]

One hundred years of “progress” – the West vs *sl*m

(Weekend blog) This year is about the 100th anniversary of the most bloody period of the M*sl*m murder of up to 1,500,000 Christian Armenians between 1915 and 1917.

While writing my blog for Monday next week, I couldn’t help noticing a curious similarity between photos of what M*sl*ms were up to about 100 years ago […]

Are M*sl*ms psychotic victims of the “Victim Syndrome”?

(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday blog) One simplistic way of viewing the world situation is to see the main population groups like the children of one family. Child A is the Jews: Child B – the Protestant West (Northern Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand): Child C – the Catholic countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, South America and […]

Inbreeding and *sl*m

(Monday/Tuesday blog) I did this story before (January 2015). But, in case you haven’t seen it, here it is again.

One explanation for *sl*mic fundamentalism and the ensuing daily terrorism that’s never proffered is stupidity and insanity.

A never-spoken-about problem with M*sl*ms is their inbreeding as a result of their long and deeply-ingrained practice of […]

Beware the self-righteous. They are usually only in it for themselves

(Friday, Saturday, Sunday blog) I’ve spent most of my working life as a management consultant trying to scrape a living to support myself and my family. But when I wrote two whistle-blowing books – PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR about how consultants extract millions from stupid public-sector bosses and RIP-OFF about how consultants con their private-sector […]