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What do tomorrow’s woke 16- and 17-year-old voters want?

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I’ve never heard such total bollucks in my life as I heard on the news yesterday when brainwashed, snowflake, protesting, school-age climate ecobrats were being interviewed by grovelling, sycophantic BBC and C4 News reporters about how they were so bravely fighting the supposed ‘Climate Emergency’ by taking a day off school:

However, as these hugely knowledgeable and insightful 16- and 17-year-olds are about to get the vote, I thought it worth spending a few moments trying to imagine the kind of policies these wonderful founts of youthful wisdom will be demanding from future governments.

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:

1. Tear down the borders – invite them in!

Disband the UK’s Border Force. Send ships to the Libyan coast and bring 50 million vibrant, exciting, multi-cultural enrichers a year from Africa and the Middle East to the UK. All these vibrant, exciting enrichers to be given free homes, free healthcare, free money, free everything. All to be paid for by taxing the rich.

2. Ban old people from voting

Lower the voting age to 10 years old and take the vote away from anyone over 60 years old. After all, young people should be those who decide the country’s future and anyone over 60 will soon be dead so why should they have any say on the future that faces today’s young?

Similarly, lower the age a person can become an MP to 10 years old and ban anyone over 50 years old from becoming an MP. After all, everyone knows that today’s youth are the best-informed, most-enlightened, most politically-engaged generation that has ever existed and that useless old people have no new ideas to offer.

3. Save the planet

Close down all power stations. Cover every piece of fertile land with solar panels. Put a special ‘power tax’ on the rich as they’re responsible for using the most electricity. Close down all factories. Ban all air travel. Close down Britain’s airports. Make Britain the greenest country in the world although you won’t be able to see any of Britain’s green and pleasant land as it will be covered by shiny solar panels made in China as nothing will be made in Britain any more. All to be paid for by taxing the rich.

4. Ban meat-eating

All meat-eating to be banned except for in Macdonalds, Burger King and KFC. All meat served in Macdonalds, Burger King and KFC to be killed according to Halal rules so as to avoid giving offence to the 50 million people being admitted to Britain from Africa and the Middle East each year. All pork products to be banned completely as they will be offensive to Britain’s massive Religion of Peace majority.

5. Public-sector jobs for everyone

Guarantee a public-sector job for life for everyone by massively increasing the number of Gender Equality Officers, Inclusion Officers, Environmental Protection Officers, Safe Space Coordinators, Wokeness Development Specialists and Modern Dance Teachers. All to be paid for by taxing the rich.

6. Police the Internet for ‘wrong thought’

Stop the police wasting time trying to catch criminals like thieves, muggers and murderers. Instead use all police officers to trawl the Internet for any ‘wrong thought’ or ‘wrong speech’. Anyone found guilty of perceived ‘wrong thought’ or ‘wrong speech’ that anyone else finds ‘offensive’ is to be sent to re-education camps and only released when they have achieved ‘full wokeness’.

7. New national census with 100 genders

Conduct a new national census which includes 100 gender choices. The genders ‘male’ and ‘female’ should not be included as they are clearly outdated symbols of an oppressive, patriarchal, cultural dark age. Anyone daring to cynically write ‘male’ or ‘female’ on their census form instead of one of the 100 officially-approved genders to be sent to re-education camps and only released when they have achieved ‘full wokeness’.

8. Stop schools teaching outdated subjects

Outdated, irrelevant subjects like Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics and History should be dropped by all schools. Instead schools should teach relevant modern subjects like Gender Studies, Climate Change Studies, Safe Space Development Studies, Wokeness Studies, Social Justice Keyboarding, Political Correctness, Colonialism & White Guilt and Veganism.

9. Honour Saint Greta

Saint Greta the Crazy to be made head of the UN for life and to be awarded the Nobel Physics Prize for her ground-breaking research into the ‘science’ of Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Breakdown or Climate Emergency or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week.

10. What else?

Readers might have other suggestions. You can add these by clicking on the title of the blog and then leaving your comments. Remember, everything can easily be paid for by taxing the rich.

11 comments to What do tomorrow’s woke 16- and 17-year-old voters want?

  • Mark

    Have you had a sneak peek at the Labour manifesto?

    11. Ban all white males from any position of power or influence.

  • Stillreading

    I read this morning that John Humphrys, who finally quit the Today programme on Thursday and who was about the only BBC interviewer worth listening to, is taking a swipe in his new book at his now ex-employer for its “liberal bias”. He alleges that its bosses “badly failed” to read the public mood at the time of the Referendum and “could not understand” why the majority of the UK’s great unwashed chose to leave the wonderful, corrupt EU. Just about sums up how out of touch with public opinion are the broadcast and much of the print media, doesn’t it? As for yesterday’s world-wide exhibition of juvenile ignorance, naivety, idiocy and mass hysteria, I cannot improve on your opening paragraph. (Or not without contravening all publicly acceptable modes of expression and probably a number of libel laws!) I know, because I have relatives in the teaching profession, that ever more State secondary schools are dumbing down on the teaching of maths and the sciences in favour of “soft” subjects, in order to stay at the top of the overall exam league tables. Much easier to obtain an A* at A Level in Media Studies than in Further Maths or Physics! Latin is now virtually extinct as a taught subject in State schools. As for English, we know that the majority of “yoof” communicate at the level of, “Yeh, I went like..” and “init”. I would hazard a guess that the overwhelming majority of teachers responsible for educating the juveniles demonstrating yesterday would scarcely understand how to interpret a graph, leave alone be able to identify the anomalies in Michael Mann’s infamous, fiddled “hockey stick” presentation as related to actual geological evidence. Parents seeking a genuinely first-rate education for their children are being increasingly forced into the private sector – which Commie Corbyn, has vowed, if elected, to abolish. As for what the “woke” generation actually want – well, they want the rest of us to pay for their so-called “educashin” in their “safe spaces” until they are at least 30. Despite their protestations, being somewhat inconsistent, they undoubtedly still want their cheap flights to Lanzarote and other similar sources of sun, sex and cheap booze. They presumably want their mobiles to continue to be welded to their hands 24/7 and they certainly demand and expect a constant unfailing supply of electricity to power these and all their other electronic gadgetry. Meanwhile Saint Greta’s “carbon footprint” has undoubtedly already this year exceeded mine and that of most of my friends for the past several years, tearing around the world as she is to preach to her brain-washed disciples. If yesterday’s lot are indicative of what awaits the free world in years to come, then it is indeed the end of life as we (ignorant, self-centred, selfish!) oldies have known it.

  • loppoman

    @Mark – if that’s the case, is it not racism?
    @Stillreading – depressing but, unfortunately, true.

  • William Boreham

    Clearly by far the most important issue they will encounter in their life span, is nothing to do with the climate and must never be referred to by the left wing media: “Are you empty-headed, brainwashed little halfwits aware that within your lifetime, you will be living under Sharia?”

  • Philip

    It’s all been done before by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

  • A Thorpe

    I was walking on the Downs this morning and was behind a group of teenages playing a game called “I’d kill ….” It’s not difficult to image the names that came up. So my addition to the list is

    11. The I’d Kill game will become a reality.

  • Stillreading

    A terrifyingly realistic prediction William. When that time comes, when these silly youngsters are middle-aged and perhaps have children of their own, they will realise what a wonderful life it was which, in their ill-advised youth, they chose to cast aside. Ironic, isn’t it, that today we are remembering Arnhem and all that my father and the fathers of my school fellows, fought for. I was lucky – my father came home. So many of my friends’ fathers did not. What, I often ask myself, in view of what is happening today, our submission to alien cultures and beliefs, did they fight for?

  • Stillreading

    Just switched off the “Any Questions” Saturday repeat. Couldn’t bear to listen any longer to the flagrantly biased applause and cheers of the very evidently self-selected leftie audience to any comment from a panel member in support of the “climate change” aficionados and the jeers when one panel member took issue against them. “Higher Education”, “Educationally Elite”, “Open-minded debate” anyone?

  • BagmansBaggage

    David Cameron the Butcher of Libya (Rothschild bagman, nothing new there with his family history)is on a charm offensive flogging his scribble.
    UK PM David Cameron’s Great Grandfathers Were Rothschild-Connected Bankers Who Financed Russo-Japanese War of 1905.This was the Rothschilds first attempt at the Marxist revolution of Russia that killed over 66 Million Russians.They succeeded not long afterwards as we all know.

  • twi5ted

    Not sure these children understand they are useless idiots for the globalist movement. Maybe they should read the objectives of the organisers – do they want communism and do they think it would care for the environment any better? History suggests it does not.

    In time democracy will be suspended globally and all private property appropriated – savings confiscated by the one world state all in the name of saving the environment. People will live hand to mouth as cost of living is hugely inflated and slowly return to a feudal existence as power is withdrawn.

    This is the final step as per theory of anacyclosis with a divine leader like Blair or Obama assuming absolute power.

  • A Thorpe

    I found a appropriate quote from Marcus Aurelius on another site:

    “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane”

    Also when looking for his quotes, another that fits the snowflakes and this issue:

    “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength”

    The wisest leaders are all dead.

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