November 2017
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The 12 “Rules of Political Correctness”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Today, I thought I’d plagiarise and adapt someone else’s work to bring you the 12 Rules of Political Correctness:

Only white people can be racist. All Muslims are ‘Blacks’, all Christians are ‘Whites’. All non-white people are ‘black people’ ‘White culture’ is inferior to ‘black culture’. There are only two races: Oppressors who […]

Nazanin love, maybe you’re responsible for your own mess?

Enter – Emma Thompson

Whenever the (IMHO) self-regarding, attention-seeking, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, look-at-me-me-me luvvie Emma Thompson gets involved in a ’cause’, the truth is usually the opposite to that spouted by Emma Thompson and her admirers.

In 2014, luvvie Emma traveled to the Arctic to warn us all about supposed Man-Made Global Warming melting the polar […]

It’s Christmas! It’s the season of ‘trucks of peace’!

Across Europe, councils are putting up Christmas decorations.

Here’s a lovely picture from one German town:

And here’s a similar picture from Hull:

A spokesperson for Hull City Council said: “We’re delighted people are enjoying the changes we’ve made. They are all part of getting everyone into a festive […]

Political correctness prevents me writing this weekend’s blog

This weekend I wanted to write about the two attacks on mosques (in Nigeria and Egypt) which killed over 350 innocents and badly injured at least 150 more. The title of my blog for this weekend was going to be – “Do Moozerlum lives matter – to other Moozerlums?”

But I probably can’t write that […]

How the mainstream media lied to us about Mnangagwa

Although there is a lot of scepticism in the British media, there was also a lot of excitement about Emmerson ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa’s first speech on his return to the hopeless ruined, looted basket case of a country, Zimbabwe. The English bit

When speaking in English his message seemed to be targeted at those listening […]

This isn’t funny, funny, funny! Not funny!

As every libtard knows, videos like this are NOT funny and are likely to give stupid people the wrong idea about the world’s most peaceful tolerant and wonderful religion.

Don’t you agree?

Political correctness and the thought-police

Only the politically-correct can adopt

Last year a couple were blocked from adopting their two foster children after expressing concerns about them being raised by a gay couple.

The husband and wife had looked after the young children since the early part of the year. When they were told that a gay couple were being […]

Are EU migrant workers bankrupting us?

Lots of numbers

Today’s blog is going to be really, really boring. It’s full of figures and we British seem allergic to figures, even simple arithmetic. But given that it’s the budget tomorrow, surely I can be forgiven for throwing in my modest contribution to the deliberations of the ‘experts’?

You might find it surprising: […]

Zimbabwe – an ‘African Spring’? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The ‘Arab Spring’ (sorry, I meant ‘Arab Winter’)

Remember the ‘Arab Spring’? Remember the BBC and C4 News and the rest of the mainstream media hyperventilating about a “new era” in the Arab world, about people just like us wanting freedom from their ruling dictators, about democracy sweeping across the Middle East?

Nobody talks much […]

If Sweden is the future – I don’t want it!

(weekend blog) Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s Sweden was always held up as one of the world’s most successful countries. Whenever lefties wanted to show us the wonderful future we would have under their rule, they would point to Sweden – almost no poverty, excellent education system, world-class healthcare, virtually no […]