June 2024

“The science is settled” says Mr Ed

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The science is settled

Hopefully you’ve all seen the story that Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey, leader of the Labdums, has claimed in an interview on LBC that “the science is settled – women can have a penis”.

Here’s Sir “Mr Ed” Ed Davey:

You or I might have […]

Let’s all celebrate our gender fluidity!

weekend blog

As 2023 gets going, I thought it would be useful for my readers if I provided a list of some of the most important LGBTQ+++ internationally-recognised holidays and awareness periods with explanations off what is being celebrated. Now you can all put these into your diary so you too can celebrate our gender […]

A strange death in Paradise?

Tuesday blog

Going to Paradise?

This blog will be rather trivial compared to my normal stuff. So I’ll only leave it up for one day.

Part of the reason it will be trivial is that I’ve just returned from a period abroad in a country generally thought of as being rather ‘exotic’ and so haven’t […]

“He’s not transgender – he has a dick, he has a penis and testicles!”

Wednesday/Thursday blog

The rise and rise and rise of China

Every day, China gets stronger. China is building up its military:

China is concreting over coral atolls in the South China Sea turning them into military bases:

China is pouring money into the offshore bank accounts of corrupt Third-world […]

Turkey’s interior minister “We will destroy Europe!”

(Wednesday blog)

I’ll keep it short today. First there’s a jolly little story from the USA

Lefty wanker caught wanking

Here’s a chap called Jeffrey Toobin:

Lawyer Jeffrey Toobin is/was CNN’s leading legal commentator and a prominent Trump-hater and thus adored by lefties both in the US and here in Britain.

Toobin […]

A website you must NEVER visit! A video you must NEVER watch!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Don’t become guilty of “wrong-thought”

The purpose of this Monday’s and Tuesday’s blog is to beseech you to never watch this 9-minute website video:

(were you to visit this video and click on play, you might get misdirected once or twice to some unwanted other websites. But you just need to close […]

A 12-year-old girl enriched again and again and again and …………

(Thursday/Friday blog)

I know that the vast majority of British people value the vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural enrichment that mass, uncontrolled Third-world immigration brings our once great country:

Therefore, I’m pleased to bring yet another heartwarming story of how our ethnic minorities (which may soon be a majority) have improved life for us […]

Prince Andrew is a man of honour and NOT an arrogant, lying, selfish, pointless, parasitic wastrel!

(Monday blog)

OMG! OMG! OMG! What to say? When even the royalty-obsessed Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday turn against the royal family, you know things are really bad.

I’m afraid my stomach wasn’t strong enough to watch the supposedly ‘no holds barred’ interview done by Emily Maitlis with Prince Andrew. But I picked up […]

How many sexes/genders are there in Australia?

(Tuesday blog)

I got up late today and so don’t have a story. Or perhaps there is one thing I could mention?

There is a bit of good news I can bring you. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has finally moved with the times and recognised that there are more sexes/genders than just male […]

Chicks with dicks – you’ve gotta love them! Or else!

(Thursday blog)

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the ludicrous woke, libtard idea that there are more than two genders, I’d like to introduce you to Karen Blair. Sorry, I meant Assistant Professor Karen Blair.

Karen Blair is reportedly an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the respected academic institution St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, […]