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Only Australians dare expose the ‘Climate Emergency’ hoax

(Friday blog)

Mainstream media bias becoming absurd

It’s becoming ever more difficult to watch the TV news because of the absurd levels of bias and misinformation.

Here are just 3 examples:

1. Blame Boris

The BBC and C4 News have been desperately trying to blame Boris Johnson for supposedly mocking the death of Labour MP Jo Cox in Wednesday’s Commons debates. But it was a Labour MP who tried to use Jo Cox’s murder to attack the Tories and when Johnson said he had “never heard such humbug in my life” he wasn’t referring to the Jo Cox murder. For more than three years Remainer MPs and the Remainer media have been calling anyone who voted Leave “racists” and “fascists” and “Nazis” and “xenophobes” etc etc. Where was the MPs’ outrage when Labour’s Lord Adonis compared seeking a clean Brexit to appeasing the Nazis, or when Labour’s David Lammy said the ERG are as bad as Nazis? When asked to retract that comment, Lammy said that, if anything, his comment had not been ‘strong enough’. So Labour MPs believe that the ERG are worse than Nazis and are not afraid to say so. Isn’t that slightly inflammatory language?

Boris has never, not once, said anything as toxic as that about his fellow human beings. Moreover, Remoaners MPs have lambasted Johnson for supposedly being a “dictator” and an “Izlumophobe” and a “racist”. Yet now the Remainer Establishment, especially the BBC and C4 News are screaming at Johnson for calling Remainer hypocrisy “humbug” and the Remainers’ attempts to block Brexit a “Surrender Bill”. Apparently using the words “humbug” and “Surrender Bill” are supposedly ‘inflammatory’ while Labour calling the Tories “Nazis” is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, the real reason the Establishment is desperate to destroy Johnson is because they’re afraid he’d win any General Election.

2. Get Trump! Yet again!

Here we go again. For almost three years the Trump-hating UK media have been having wet dreams over the possibility of US President Donald Trump being impeached for supposed collusion with Russia. But that turned out to be a nothing-burger, a pack of lies cobbled together by the anti-Trump Establishment. But we haven’t had any apology from the BBC or C4 News. Instead they’ve started salivating at a new witch-hunt against Trump.

Here we go again, the Establishment will try to destroy Trump  because they’re afraid he’ll win the 2020 US presidential elections.

3. Fall in vaccinations – blame Trump!

Then last night I watched a documentary about the worrying fall in parents having their children vaccinated. The documentary was OK till about 15 minutes from the end. Then the documentary featured a supposed ‘expert’ who claimed that the fall in vaccination rates was linked to the rise in ‘populism’ and he blamed Pauline Hanson in Australia, Marine Le Pen in France and, of course, Donald Trump in the USA for persuading parents not to have their children vaccinated.

There was no mention in the documentary of our favourite religion, no mention that teams of medics carrying out vaccinations were being slaughtered in countries like Crapistan and Afghanistan, no mention of the fact that thousands of imams across the world are preaching that vaccinations are an anti-Izlumic plot by Western countries aimed at sterilising Moozerlum children, no mention that the lowest rates of vaccinations are in Izlumic countries and in Izlumic communities

Bias, lies, bias, lies, bias, lies from our mainstream media who are sh*t-scared of ever criticising anything to do with our favouritest religion

Only Australians dare expose the Climate Emergency fraud

And now to the real subject of today’s blog – the fact that only in Australia would a TV journalist and a politician dare expose the Climate Emergency fraud.

I thought readers might find the video below interesting. In Australia, the state broadcaster – the ABC (their version of our BBC) – grovels and prostrates itself before Saint Greta the Crazy and all the other mouth-frothing, howling Greeny ecofascists. But there’s a journalist – Andrew Bolt – on one of the commercial channels who actually dares question modern-day cults like political correctness and climate panic.

Here he is interviewing an Australian politician who also sees through the Climate Emergency hoax. If this had happened in politically-correct Britain, both the journalist and the politician would have been hounded out of their jobs by screaming mobs of brain-washed, West-hating, scientifically-ignorant, ecofascist morons.

Only in Australia would anyone dare question the madness of today’s howling, seemingly rabies-infected ecofascist lynch mobs:

4 comments to Only Australians dare expose the ‘Climate Emergency’ hoax

  • A Thorpe

    Include all news in that, not just TV news. Social media seems to be a huge part of the problem since people can say anything without bring identified. It is not a place for rational discussion; it is a place where insults replace debate. Question Time is also unwatchable. It is now a forum for people to have their minutes of fame, there is no discussion, just argument.

    The bishops are calling for unity this morning. People have always been divided by support for political parties, by difference in wealth and education, by religion. The list goes on. They did not say what we should unify around and significantly they did not ask us to pray for guidance from God.

    Sky News Australia is exposing the climate fraud but I cannot see any sign that the same applies to their politicians and “scientists”. NZ also seems to be embracing the fraud. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO are raving alarmists. Only Malcom Roberts knows someone about the science and he was drawn into an argument with our very own Brian Cox on the Australian Q&A. It is worth searching for on YouTube together with an analysis of the errors made by Cox.

    On 23 September a group of scientists wrote to the UN saying there is no crisis. I doubt it has been on any news. Here is a link to the letter

  • William Boreham

    The problem we face here in GB is that the climate change whacko’s are in charge of our energy policy, so just heating a home alone has become 63% more expensive in the last decade. Naturally that means yet more poor, old folk are going to die of hypothermia related illnesses. Maybe that’s the agenda. I think I’ve mentioned before just one classic example of how our lunatics in charge of the asylum view rational methods of how to reduce our (minuscule) CO2 emissions. The year that they stopped our biggest (and most efficient) coal-burning power station consuming 9 million tonnes of coal a year from a mine a few miles away and paid them half a billion of our taxpayers money in subsidies to burn wood from forests in North America, 3000 miles away – China consumed 4 billion tonnes of coal that same year. The ‘Beast from the East’ is forecast to return this coming winter, despite being told a decade or so back that our children would never again experience snow and ice and I’ve already tested my portable generator to check I won’t at least be sitting in the dark, back to the Stone-Age, when the wind doesn’t blow.

  • Judd

    I have to take my hat off to you, David, and the many other bloggers i read.
    How you manage to keep any sort of sanity, or prevent yourself from bricking the telly screen (this is an issue in my my house, my wife is the one likely to brick it)is a mystery.
    I cannot and will not subject myself to anything the MSM has to say or show, haven’t bought what was once called a newspaper for over 30 years, haven’t watched a terrestrial TV broadcast for probably 10 years now.

    When you consider the sort of quality films and series the BBC were capable of not that long ago, ie Tinker Tailor etc, the present BBC is enough to make a grown man weep.

    Thankyou for putting yourselves through the trials of watching and reading such garbage, i’m eternally grateful for you confirming on a dialy basis why my decisions so many years ago to remove myself from having to suffer such tripe was the right one.

    Interesting about Sky Australia, and i’ve seen some other items recently online, Sky Aus interviewing Presidant Trump for example, which begs the question why is Sky UK so diametrically opposite to at least a few of their Aus counterparts.

  • loppoman

    I actively refuse to watch any news on the BBC (or ITV for that matter).
    The other day, ITV news at ten showed us collapsing walls of arctic ice, rising sea levels and tearful Emma Thomson.
    I’ve been around 70 years and my beach is the same size and location as it always was.

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