The Sunday Times agrees with me – the energy companies are ‘having a laugh’ – at our expense

A few days ago, most of the mainstream media went into paroxysms of delight as they announced that the £79m a year Ofgem had asked another regulator – the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) – to investigate the energy market. On this blog, I tried to point out that this was merely a delaying tactic […]

How our lying energy companies fleece us and get away with it

A couple of days ago, I explained why I believe Ofgem is ducking its responsibility to regulate the energy market by asking another useless regulator to investigate the market – an investigation that will take 2 to 3 years. Today I’d like to try to explain briefly the tricks and lies the energy companies use […]

Remember the real reason gay marriage is being legalised – pressure from the EU

They seem to be having collective multiple orgasms on BBC news programmes at the moment over the fact that same-sex marriage (SSM) will be legalised this weekend. But the one thing none of our rulers dare mention is the reason why Cameron pushed so hard last year to get SSM (not to be confused with […]

Farcical, parasitical Ofgem delays and delays and delays and……….

Firstly, my latest book DON’T BUY IT! is now available on Amazon in either paperback or for Kindle – I’d be grateful if people could show support for this site by buying copies for themselves, friends and family

By learning about salespeople’s many tricks and traps revealed in the book, readers will save themselves […]

The BBC’s ‘Sport Relief’ – are we being scammed?

Sadly, despite my many days’ appeals, none of my readers have been able to find the few pounds necessary to show their support for this website by buying a copy of my recent book GREED UNLIMITED. Perhaps it’s because this website has the poorest readers in Britain? Or perhaps it’s because my readers have generously […]

BBC’s rip-off “charities” rip us off yet again

You probably know that the huge, cash-guzzling monstrosity that is the BBC is just finishing one of its major charity appeals – Sports Relief. Apparently over £53m has already been raised from the great British public. But where does this money actually go? I’m trying to find out and hope to have some information in […]

Is Putin afraid of Europe’s gun-totting totty?

I’ll keep it short today as I’ve already explained in great detail why I believe Putin’s actions over the Crimea were justified, decisive and skilful: why I believe the West’s response is dishonest, hypocritical and dangerous and why I’m amazed that our useless leaders are trying to fight the last (Cold) war rather than allying […]

Don’t believe the media’s demonisation of Putin

This weekend, the British media really went into anti-Putin overdrive. Various “experts” claimed that Russia was about to invade the Ukraine or Moldova or the whole of Eastern Europe. I don’t buy it and I’m astonished at the propagandist and inflammatory language being used:

1. Annexing the Crimea Russia did not “annexe” the Crimea. There […]

Would you invest your savings in Great Britain Plc?

Let’s imagine a friend or financial adviser called you up and suggested you invest your life savings in a promising company called Great Britain Plc (GB).

The first thing you asked might be, “could you tell me a bit about the top management of GB?”

“Well”, your contact replies, “the CEO used to work in […]

Putin exposes the West’s cultural and economic suicide

I found this clear and decisive message from a speech Vladimir Putin made last year. I think it tells us all we need to know about the moral, cultural and economic suicide the West is committing. This certainly stands in sharp contrast to the self-important witterings of our pointless, self-serving, politically-correct, morally-bankrupt, quisling masters. Enjoy […]