May 2024

Do you have a ‘really interesting’ life story?

Friday-weekend blog

Some years ago, I was in touch with a news service (SWNS) about one of my books. Since then I get occasional messages from SWNS asking for ‘interesting’ stories from people with ‘interesting’ lives. Here’s an extract from the latest SWNS email. I’m blogging about this as it shows the utterly trivial drivel […]

How our favourite religion is crushing us as it takes over our country

Monday-Wednesday blog

I wanted to write about this story as I believe it is a perfect example of how our friends from our favourite religion (OFR) are taking over our country and destroying everything good about Britain.

The story is about what is going on at Katharine Birbalsingh’s Michaela School and has two main parts:


What will the Empress of Scotland do next?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Our hearts go out to the Empress of Scotland

We are truly living through troubled times. One of the world’s wokest politicians – wee Nickie Sturgeon, someone who believes that a man in a wig with a full meat and two veg who rapes women is a woman – has decided to call […]

Britain’s most respected academic modeller tells me I’m an idiot

I posted the blog below yesterday (Wednesday 28 September). It contains an email I received from someone claiming to be Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College, London.

Since then I have been in touch with Professor Neil Ferguson and he denies sending the email which appears to come from him. That means either that someone […]

Is there any intelligent life in our unis?

weekend blog

This weekend’s blog is based on this week’s news stories and my book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON:

Predictable media fake drama?

Just as predictable as Christmas, this week we had all the mainstream media interviewing A-level schoolchildren (mainly girls in slightly revealing clothes) while they nervously opened their exam results […]

A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change

Friday/Saturday blog

Given the recent outbreak of panic and hysteria about Climate Change in the UK’s media after two days of quite hot weather in a few places (mainly near airports) in Central and Southern England, in this blog I’d like to provide what I’ve called “A Schoolchild’s Guide to Climate Change” by trying to […]

I’ve seen the future. The future is African

Friday/weekend blog

I’ll keep it short and sweet today.

Predicting the future

You will all know this famous quote:

But I think Mr Berra was wrong. I can see the future.

Here’s a UN population projection for Europe and Africa till the end of this century:

(to see the […]

An unbelievable degree of stupidity?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

The Blair creature rises again

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the (IMHO) repulsive, lying war criminal, Tony Blair, has thrust his way back into the fawning media. This week he’s getting media attention by claiming that 70% of all young people should go to university. At the moment the figure is […]

Bonhoeffer’s “Theory of Stupidity”

weekend blog

Another day of rail stupidity

Yesterday I wrote a blog claiming that cancelling the Birmingham to Leeds High Speed Rail link was probably the first good decision this useless bunch of flatulent, greedy, self-serving, incompetent idiots in our government had made. In all the media discussions yesterday for and against this decision, I […]

Dear Mr Putin, please come and take over Britain. We need you to save us!

Monday/Tuesday blog

Here’s a short extract from a speech our supposed ‘enemy’, Russian president Vlad ‘the impaler’ Putin, recently gave. In it he explains his ‘bemusement’ at the way we in the increasingly woke West are wrecking our own civilisation by erasing our history, destroying the family and even trying to abolish the idea that […]