October 2018
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Hey universities – time to sack some useless professors?

(Sunday/Monday blog)

At the moment I’m wasting many hours in what is turning out to be a totally pointless activity. I’m emailing professors and teachers in university education departments to tell them about my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON and to suggest that my book could be recommended reading for students studying education.

The […]

Is it really worth going to university?

(Thursday blog)

Here’s an article I had published on the Internet yesterday and following the article is a short musical video of my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON

About thirty years ago, there were around 800,000 students in UK higher education (HE). Now there are more than 2.3million. In the 1980s, fewer than one […]

What really causes falling IQs? Pollution or immigration?

(Tuesday blog)

Are we getting stupider?

For 50 years or more the subject of IQs has been taboo. Why? Because comparative testing done across the world in the 1950s and 1960s started to indicate that different races had different IQ levels:

It was also noticed that the average GDP per capita of […]

How hard is it to get into Uni nowadays?

(Wednesday blog)

I was in Oxford yesterday recording a Podcast for Breitbart London about my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

Last week was a big week for Britain’s school-leavers. They got their A Level results on Thursday 16 August and now have to decide which university to go to. This gave all the newspapers […]

It’s time to learn a new expression – “pathological altruism”

(Friday blog)

Hell has open borders

First, here’s sign seen outside a church in America:

I wonder if this sign is trying to tell us something?

Welcome to “pathological altruism”

Here are some wonderful people demonstrating for ‘open borders’:

They want 300 million or 400 million or perhaps 500 […]

Scrotland – where the men are women and the women are men?

(Wednesday blog)

We should have known. After all, the signs were there for hundreds of years – Scrottish men dressing up in women’s clothing:

(Still, at least they’re not dressing up as letter-boxes)

And now we’re told that children in Scrotland are set to be told that “your gender is what you […]

University – how, for too many, a dream has become a nightmare!

(weekend blog)

Here’s a link to an article in Saturday’s Daily Mail based on my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

So far, around 0.5% (no, that’s not 5%, it’s 0.5%) of readers have shown support for my modest blogging efforts by buying a copy. Hopefully that number will increase? I don’t need the money […]