September 2010
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Blessed are the greedy and the incompetent

The bible never told us ‘blessed are the greedy and the incompetent for they shall inherit the earth’. But that’s what has happened. Throughout Europe the greedy and incompetent financiers and their tame politicians can hardly stop laughing as they shovel huge quantities of our money into their own pockets.

Never in the history of […]

Colossus David Miliscum leaves front-line politics

Oh woe is us! That great politician David Miliband has refused to serve in the shadow cabinet. What a tragedy for Britain. What a disaster etc etc. We had hours and hours of political journalists bemoaning the departure of the elder Miliscum.

But this is David ‘expenses-fiddler’ Miliscum, a key member of the most incompetent […]

Liar Ed Miliscum lies again

So now we know. Ed Miliscum was against the Iraq war, against excessive immigration, against Brown’s boom and bust policies, against Nulabour’s civil liberties restrictions, against….. In fact he seems to have been against an awful lot of his party’s policies. It’s a pity he forgot to mention this before the last election when he […]

Sack the arrogant fools at the BoE

Some jumped-up, arrogant fool at the Bank of England (BoE) is claiming that savers deserve to lose money to make up for the utter incompetence of the BoE in not foreseeing and preventing the financial crisis.

The stupidity, arrogance, greed and uselessness of our top civil servants with their multi-million pound inflation-linked pensions is hard […]

It’s tough being a Cassandra

For the last few years, I’ve tried hard to reveal the massive scale of waste, greed and incompetence in the public sector and the stupidity of our politicians of all parties. But it’ slightly depressing to see that the poorly-educated, pig-ignorant, junk-food guzzling, reality-TV-obsessed British public would much rather read some garbage supposedly written by […]

Greedy, self-serving politician becomes Labour leader

The newspapers are full of the news about some greedy, self-serving politician winning the vote to become the new Labour leader while other greedy, self-serving politicians lost the contest. What does it matter? They’re all the same.

The only difference I can see is that Ed Miliband apparently didn’t steal quite as much of our […]

Don’t come to Bournemouth – the yobs are taking over

Bournemouth used to be a rather genteel town where you could get away from the marauding gangs of youths and thuggishness of so many other places. No more, unfortunately. Now the town is full of groups of drunken, foul-mouthed, aggressive yobs and porcine, permanently inebriated, scantily-dressed slags. Some parks have become no-go areas for the […]

Buffoon Balls will be back

Whatever the outcome of the Labour Party leadership vote, one thing seems certain – bulging-eyed, incompetent buffoon Ed Balls will become shadow chancellor. Balls was the clown who helped bullying sociopath Gordon Brown waste over a trillion pounds of our money and bankrupt Britain.

That the Labour Party chooses this complete fool as the new […]

One less lawyer

The family of the lawyer who threatened police with a shotgun are bleating and moaning about his death. Anyone who points a loaded gun at another person deserves to be shot. No ifs, no buts. End of story. Perhaps the family are hoping to clean up by demanding hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ […]

Party time in the ‘Stans

It’s party time for the ruling elites in the ‘Stans. In Pakistan, the president Mr. Ten Percent and his cronies will be creaming off a goodly share of the tens of millions destined for flood victims. In Afghanistan, Karzai the Corrupt and his mates are channelling our money into their property and business empires in […]