Beware the holiday jet ski scam – here’s a great Youtube video

The good news – I’m off on holiday soon to Thailand. The bad news – my dear wife is coming with me, so no fun and games for me – just looking at temples and elephants etc. Anyway, I checked out what other travelllers were reporting and came across what I think is a brilliant […]

Could Alistair Darling have won the 2015 election for Labour? And are we really going to let Balls bankrupt us all?

You hardly want to open a newspaper nowadays as the useless Tories stumble from one shambles to another. Child benefit is just the latest easily foreseeable disaster. You wonder if there’s anybody in the Coalition with even the slightest modicum of intelligence. Certainly Liar Cameron and Napkin-folder Osborne have shown themselves to be devoid of […]

The public sector pay freeze farce – how we taxpayers are being fleeced (yet again)

Early next year, we can expect marches and demonstrations and strikes by furious public-sector unions demanding an end to the Government’s public-sector pay freeze. Angry union members will howl with rage about how they can no longer afford to live because of supposed austerity. But before the self-serving, cloud-cuckoo-land-inhabiting public-sector union barons launch their next […]

For Britain’s bureaucrats it’s spend, spend, spend – on themselves

(A slightly safer topic today compared to yesterday) If you have a moment, please look at the chart below. This shows what happened during a previous period of austerity – the ten years after the First World War. At the same time as the number of ships fell by 68% and the number of sailors […]

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, isn’t it?

I believe Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Of course, some neanderthals might disagree that Islam promotes peace. They might point to the the fact that in Iraq and Syria, Muslims are enthusiastically slaughtering each other. In Indonesia and Nigeria Muslims are forever fighting with Christians. In Egypt, murdering Coptic Christians seems to […]

Your taxes are going up, up, up, up

The Tory press has been having several orgasms about the latest GDP figures. But before you break out the champagne and then head for the shops to buy more crap from China, there are a few things to remember.

1. Most Brits (and many journalists?) don’t seem to understand the difference between “deficit” and “debt”. […]

I got shafted by the Daily Mail – can you help me sell copies of GREED UNLIMITED?

Just before my latest book GREED UNLIMITED was published, the serialisation rights were sold to the Daily Mail features. The plan was that the Daily Mail would do a big article based on my book. But then there was a problem. As far as I understand the situation, it was as follows:


Overpaid, overpensioned, arrogant, incompetent BBC bosses run rings around our useless MPs

Once again a committee of self-important, grandstanding, intellectually-challenged MPs calls in the TV cameras so it can be filmed supposedly giving someone a grilling. In this case it was the BBC’s Director General, George Entwistle, and one of his grey sidekicks whose name I can’t be bothered to remember. Yet again it was lights, camera […]

Why can’t stupid politicians like Osborne understand that complexity causes cost?

Our useless, part-time, work experience chancellor has come up with another blitheringly stupid idea which will increase public spending. Apparently this economic genius (a man who knows as much about economics as the lying buffoon Brown) has decided that child benefit should be paid to middle-income families and then taken back from them via the […]

Will BBC cover-up cover up BBC cover-up? And is Iain Dale an “honest man”?

The on-the ropes BBC is making much of the fact that it is boldly screening a Panorama investigation into why a Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile was dropped. But there’s hardly any point watching this great new investigation as we already know the result. Panorama will conclude that there is no evidence the Newsnight investigation […]