August 2012

Is this how to give every child a chance?

As arguments rage over whether exams have been dumbed down and now should be made more rigorous, perhaps all the supposed educational experts are missing a trick. Obviously, not all children are equal academically and not all those who are will perform well in exams which tend to depend on having a good short-term memory. […]

Cricket balls: Clegg grovels to Labour: Everyone wants A grades

I’m not interested in cricket. But I couldn’t help laughing at the press conference where England captain Strauss announced his ‘voluntary’ resignation. Who knows what went on behind the scenes? But the Grim-Reaper faces of Strauss and new captain Cook suggests that Strauss is not a very happy bunny.

Ludicrous liar and spendaholic Clegg seems […]

Are the British too stupid to vote in elections?

A survey has just revealed that most Brits do not understand the difference between our deficit (what the Government spends each month and what it takes in taxes) and our national debt (what the Government owes). So they don’t realise that as long as we have a deficit, our debt increases. Thus they don’t understand […]

Should we really celebrate ‘war criminal’ Blair’s Paralympics triumphs?

There is one thing we can be certain about with the Paralympics – Britain will win an awful lot of medals. Why? Because ‘war criminal’ (in my opinion) Blair sent our troops into two unnecessary wars with insufficient helicopters and insufficient armoured vehicles. This left British soldiers much more exposed to IEDs (improvised explosive devices) […]

What planet do journalists live on? Don’t they realise Cameron is incompetent, Osborne is a fool and Clegg is a piece of garbage?

As summer (what summer?) ends and our overpaid, overpensioned, expenses-thieving and mostly unnecessary politicians start to drift back from their 2-month holidays, the main political journalists are busy blethering on about what changes David Liar Cameron needs to make to his government. After over two catastrophic years, journalists still write about ‘Cameron’s leadership’ and ‘Osborne’s […]

The death of Britain’s seaside towns is due to the stupidity of their councillors

After yet another dismal summer, we once again hear that Britain’s seaside towns are suffering and their businesses are going bankrupt. But they’ve only themselves to blame for their decline. Imagine you were a slide-rule manufacturer when pocket calculators were first introduced. What do you do? Try to build better slide rules? Or change your […]

The executhieves strike again filling their own pockets with millions of other people’s money

A small but hugely important story has just broken. A company called Mouchel (I think it runs motorway maintenance) has just gone into administration due to the utter incompetence of the company’s executives. Helped by vultures at KPMG and Goldman Sachs (fees £18m and rising), Mouchel’s bosses are using the bank holiday weekend to close […]

I suspect Lance Armstrong is innocent and victim of envious nobodies trying to make a name for themselves

I don’t buy the claim that Lance Armstrong has been using illegal performance-enhancing drugs for the last seven or more years. The guy has been tested time and again and always found to be clean. Yet now, years after his many wins, two cyclists who have both been caught taking drugs have testified against Armstrong, […]

Well done Prince Harry: Well done Ofqual

Congratulations to our wonderful Prince Harry for providing us all with some entertainment during these bleak economic times, which are getting bleaker by the day. I suspect strip pool will now become one of Britain’s most popular sports. Hopefully one day it will take its place alongside beach volleyball as an Olympic sport.

Meanwhile back […]

Our greedy, thieving MPs’ latest scam to steal our money

Just when you thought our MPs couldn’t do any more to increase the contempt in which most of us hold them, they’ve come up with a new scam. They want us taxpayers to pay for them to hire accountants to help them make the most of all the money they siphon off from us.

Our […]