The utter absurdity and fragility of Europe’s “house of cards” economy finally exposed

The chart below shows the exposure of banks in a few key European countries to the debts of other countries (in $bn).

You should read the chart like one of those old-fashioned tables of distances between towns that we used to use before we all got satnavs. Here you should work vertically, then horizontally. So, […]

I don’t enjoy telling you this, but Britain will go bankrupt

It’s not much fun being a Cassandra – making dismal prophecies that nobody believes. But our ruling elites (politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and bankers) are so incompetent, self-serving and dishonest that someone has to try to tell the truth.

When I wrote PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR I attacked New Labour for wasting £70bn of our money […]

Polar bears have never had it so good

Here’s a photo of a polar bear apparently stranded on a tiny ice floe due to man-made global warming melting Arctic ice:

This is the kind of photo ecofascists tend to use to warn us about the destructive results of their supposed “man-made global warming”.

And here’s a table showing the frightening decline in […]

For our power companies, the cold weather is a welcome and very profitable early Christmas present

Here we go again. A spell of cold weather and our mostly foreign-owned energy companies slam up their prices claiming they are having to pay more for their gas supplies. Lies, lies, lies, lies.

Here are just a few real facts and figures:

1. Our often foreign-owned energy companies make four to five times as […]

Do you want over a million Romanians and Bulgarians moving to crowded, bankrupt Britain?

The Tories refuse to tell us how many Romanians and Bulgarians are likely to move to bankrupt Britain. Meanwhile Labour and its official media arm, the BBC, bleat on about how immigration has “increased Britain’s cultural diversity”. So maybe I can help give some facts and figures.

Spain and Italy have not had restrictions on […]

Pssst Wanna British passport? Here, have one, or two, or three – or as many as you want

Hopefully most people have realised that virtually every time our politicians move their lips, they lie to us. This has especially been true with immigration.

Around 2000/1 Blair came under pressure over the rising number of asylum seekers. So he promised to take action. The chart shows the result.

Blair reduced the number of […]

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” – global warming drivel

I wonder if anyone remembers one of the man-made global warming cheerleaders from the useless Climate Research Unit at that joke of a university, the University of East Anglia, Dr David Viner warning us in March 2000 that due to man-made global warming “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is”.

In an article […]

“Cyprus is a one-off” Whoops, Spain is doing it too!

To try and prevent bank runs in the other Club Med countries, our political leaders have been busy reassuring us that the levy on bank deposits in Cyprus is a “one-off” and a “special case” and will not be repeated in any other country. So we can all relax knowing our savings are safe in […]

In the time it took me to write this headline, our national debt went up by over £30,000….

…and it will have gone up by over £3m by the time I finish writing this blog. We are in a hopeless situation, with our debt shooting up by £3,800 per second, £228,000 per minute, £14m per hour, £329m per day. This, of course means ever-increasing interest charges and ever less money for public spending. […]

Will Chancellor Ed Balls impose “financial martial law” in Britain?

There’s a new phrase we had all better learn very quickly – “financial martial law” or “economic martial law”. We all know what “martial law” is – democracy breaks down in a crisis, the military is put in control and can impose whatever draconian measures it wants, one of which typically is a curfew with […]