October 2017
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Some people’s “hate crimes” are more “hate crimes” than other people’s

You probably saw the reports yesterday from PC Plod claiming that the number or supposed ‘hate crimes’ had shot up by 29% from 62,518 in 2015-16 to 80,393 offences in 2016-17

This was apparently the largest increase since the Home Office began recording figures in 2011-12

Let me just remind you of the extraordinarily all-encompassing […]

Here’s a story that’ll make you choke on your morning coffee

Here’s a story that will hopefully have you choking on your expresso or latte or cappucino or whatever fashionable kind of coffee you drink in the morning.

It concerns a Somali woman who has been living illegally in Britain – on benefits, of course – for several years. This lady, who has never worked and […]

Sex for stardom – doing deals with the devil?

Here at snouts-in-the-trough our mission is to inform and we would NEVER do a story just to show titillating pictures of naked women – well, almost never.

The constant stream of stories about Harvey ‘Fatman’ Weinstein’s alleged tendency to sexually exploit and even rape any female he could get near seems to expose several levels […]

Birmingham – 2: Tower Hamlets – 3

Birmingham – 2: Tower Hamlets – 3!

No, these are not the football results. These are the number of times a girl (almost always white) can expect to be raped in one evening by “Asian” men should she dare go out alone in some of the more ‘diverse’ areas of our major cities.

Birmingham – […]

Energy companies – ripping us off again and again and again!

Here we go again. As soon as our useless supposed energy market regulator, Ofgem, or even more useless MPs start talking about trying to cap energy prices, the energy companies begin bleating about how they’re being treated unfairly. The usual story the energy companies come up with has two main themes:

they only make a […]

Women of Europe – you’re voting for your own oppression!

I spent quite a bit of time writing the last two days’ blogs. So today I thought I’d relax and just bring you a very short video showing the kind of scenes that will become ever more frequent as we allow ourselves to be invaded by millions of migrants – most of whom are violent, […]

Racial discrimination? Yet more total bollox!

I thought that by writing about Transgenderism, Izlumophobia and Man-Made Global Warming yesterday, I had dealt with the three areas of biggest bollox being forced on us by our virtue-signalling, West-hating, politically-correct ruling elites. How wrong I was. I forgot about supposed racial discrimination.

As you probably know, yesterday the UK government has published what […]

Which is the biggest load of bollox?

There are at least three great new ‘truths’ we’re all expected to believe in:

Transgenderism Izlumophobia Man-Made Global Warming

But the question I’d like to pose today is – which of these three is the biggest load of total and utter bollox?

Let’s start with the latest of these ludicrous fads being foisted on us […]

Lovely story of multi-cultural enrichment from India

As part of our mission at snouts-in-the-trough to educate and inform our readers about the delights of other cultures, today we’d like to bring you the heartwarming story of Mr Ameerul Islam.

Mr Islam has apparently just been arrested for the rape, murder and genital mutilation of a young Indian Dalit (untouchable) girl.

But this […]

Is France more dangerous than Afghanistan?

(weekend blog) Here are two beautiful, intelligent and talented young French girls – cousins killed by the open borders and *sl*mophiliac policies of French Presidents Hollande and Macron and their boss Angela “Hitler” Merkel:

One of these girls was studying to become a doctor, the other a nurse. They had their throats […]