June 2012

We are NOT in this together

Liar David Cameron and Liar George Osborne have both told us “we are all in this together”. So what did they do as soon as they were elected? Cameron shoved 117 of his friends and cronies into the House of Lords so they could start stealing our money in expenses claims for the rest of […]

Liar Cameron tries to protect the crooks at Bob Diamond’s Barclays

As we gradually find out that Barclays and other banks have been defrauding us of billions, the political elites are struggling to look like they’re appalled while at the same time protecting their friends, donors and masters at the big banks. Our lying PM, David Liar Cameron, hopes to fob off public anger by looking […]

When are ‘crooks’ Barclays Bob Diamond and RBS Fred Goodwin going to prison?

Bob Diamond’s Barclays have been caught cheating their customers yet again. A year or so ago they were exposed as having defrauded tens of thousands of often elderly savers of many millions by selling them high risk garbage (totally rubbish Aviva funds) while claiming they were low-risk and safe. Now Barclays have been caught defrauding […]

Liar Cameron’s Olympian lie

At a recent event our lying PM David Liar Cameron told an absolute whopper. He claimed the 2012 London Olympics are on budget. Sorry, mate but that’s a lie and you are a liar. The original budget for us taxpayers for the Olympics was around £2.4 billion. That was the basis on which London ‘won’ […]

Nobody believes my theories about NatWest and BT chaos being due to ‘cyber attacks’

Yesterday I contacted three journalists who had been covering the NatWest chaos – from the Telegraph, FT and Daily Mail. I suggested that as the NatWest mess started at around the same time as the whole BT Broadband network went down for several hours, that this was not a coincidence, but was actually due to […]

Is the NatWest chaos actually due to a ‘cyber attack’ by a foreign state?

There was a strange coincidence last week. At about the same time (morning of Thursday 21 June) as the NatWest had its supposed computer crash, BT’s broadband services for the whole of Britain also went down. In BT’s case, it only took about 4 hours to restore services, NatWest have obviously taken a bit longer. […]

Message to fans from England footballers “we’re so rich, we don’t give a toss!’

Pathetic, dismal, boring, unadventurous, cowardly – is there any other way to describe the England football team’s half-hearted efforts at the euro 2012 tournament? In none of their games have the England team even attempted to attack. Instead they cower in their own half and then wonder why they can’t score any goals. As for […]

Liar and thief David Laws: Useless Charles and Edward VIII

It looks like self-confessed liar and thief Lib Dem David Laws is trying to get his job back as a government minister. This liar and thief has just written an article in some magazine claiming there should be more cuts and some major changes to the tax system. In today’s Daily Telegraph, there’s a sycophantically […]

‘Cowardly little sh-t’ Ed Miliband: Egypt’s coming civil war: IRA ‘achievements’

The (in my opinion) ‘cowardly, lying, greasy little sh-t’ Ed Miliband will do or say anything to get elected. First he ‘admits’ Labour got it wrong on the economy, then he ‘admits’ Labour got it wrong on immigration. But if he deserves to be our leader, he must have known this for years. So why […]

‘Horrible Hamish’, the great doctors’ leader, you really are a ‘pointless prat’

Yesterday on the Daily Politics I saw the pathetic sight of BMA chairman Hamish ‘Misery Guts’ Meldrum, a truly depressingly miserable and charisma-free Scot, trying to argue that although we are all living longer, doctors’ £68,000 or so a year pensions should be protected by giving them huge wads of taxpayers’ cash. Hamish, it won’t […]