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Is LibDem leader Jo Swinson a really honest, truthful person? Or a lying liar lying?

(Thursday blog)

Never grill a Greeny

Hopefully you’ve all heard of a new traumatic psychological condition affecting the Western world’s youth – climate anxiety:

Yup, our brainwashed, snowflake children are so worried about being wiped out by a supposedly impending climate catastrophe that many are having nervous breakdowns. (Though I have to admit that, were I ever to come face to face with mad Saint Greta the Swedish eco-loonie, I’d probably have a breakdown too)

Anyway, some ghastly Greeny woman was being interviewed on this new phenomenon – climate anxiety – on the TV news yesterday evening. In the interview she claimed that climate anxiety was quite a normal response from children due to the “thousands of people dying” from extreme climate events. Let  me therefore repeat a graph I used in my blog on Tuesday this week;

Ooops. Very few people are actually dying from ‘climate catastrophes’. In fact, more people die from the cold each British winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes due to Greeny taxes than die from ‘climate catastrophes’ worldwide.

But what was interesting about the interview was that the Greeny woman wasn’t challenged by the interviewer. Instead she was encouraged to paint as bleak a picture as possible. Had the interviewee been from some supposedly ‘right-wing’ organisation they would have risked drowning in saliva as a furious foam-flecked Matt Frei or Jon Snow or screaming Kathy Newman laid into them harassing them and never letting them get a chance to explain their position. But when a lefty or Greeny is being interviewed, they’re never grilled, they’re never challenged on their ‘facts’ and they’re never browbeaten by an enraged interviewer.

The mainstream media’s policy seems to be – you never grill a Greeny.

Jo Swinson – a really honest truthful person or a lying liar lying?

As LibDem leader, Jo Swinson, prepares to be Britain’s next Prime Minister, she gave a rousing speech to her adoring millions at the LibDem conference in Bournemouth.

To back up her claim to be leading a newly-invigorated LibDem Party, Swinson invoked the ghost of that great LibDem leader and reportedly serial adulterer Paddy Pantsdown and claimed how proud Pantsdown would have been to see today’s LibDem resurgence. But hold on a minute. Swinson has, as far as I understand, pledged to ignore the result of the 2016 EU Referendum and to work to revoke Article 50 so Britain will remain shackled to the EU forever.

Yet when hearing the results of the 2016 Referendum, Pantsdown basically said that anyone who refused to accept the Referendum result would be (I paraphrase) a total scumbag. This suggests that Pantsdown wouldn’t have been proud of his party were it to reject the Referendum result as Swinson is now doing.

I, of course, believe that the Right Honourable Jo Swinson is an honest, hard-working, honest, decent, caring, wonderful, truthful human being. But I could imagine that there may be some horrible, cynical, nasty people out there who feel that the video below suggested Swinson was a lying liar lying by claiming old Pantsdown would approve of the direction in which she was leading her party – ignore the Referendum result and revoke Article 50.

Nasty, horrible people to think such things:

5 comments to Is LibDem leader Jo Swinson a really honest, truthful person? Or a lying liar lying?

  • loppoman

    I can’t stand the woman.
    Liberal Democrat?
    Who is she kidding?
    Anyone voting for her needs a brain transplant.

  • A Thorpe

    I have the same concerns as you but seeing these concerns supported by evidence such as the above makes me increasingly concerned that there is no way back. Mad cow disease had nothing on this form of insanity. It is as though all our accumulated knowledge has been forgotten and replaced with a belief in utter nonsense. It might be argued that just because there is no evidence that God does not exist, it does mean that he doesn’t.

    In these two cases we have the evidence from science rather than green lies that we cannot control the weather. Their basic argument that the atmosphere keeps the earth warmer than it would be without an atmosphere only have to look at the temperatures on the moon to see that this is obviously not true. Temperatures on the sunny side of the moon reach 134C and on the dark side they are as low as -153C. Even the Romans and other ancient civilisations knew more about the climate than the climate morons of today. They used to make ice in the deserts. Even with an atmosphere, without water vapour the earth would be very hot in the day and very cold at night. The clue to understanding the climate is of course that the earth’s surface is 70% water. The oceans and the sun are the main influence on our climate.

    The greens are deluded because they will not accept science. The politicians have only one objective and that is to have power and control over us. After the referendum and even now many politicians are saying the same as Paddy but they are not putting into practice what they say.

    What is the point of education when most people have no ability to think rationally and now seem to believe that they can only survive by the state providing all their needs and telling them how to think.

  • Philip

    If this harpie becomes Prime Minister I’m definately leaving the country. I’m going to go and live in, er… Greenland. I have been reliably informed by Greta Humbug that within a few years the climate will be like the Mediterranean area but warmer.

  • Smoking Scot

    An interesting – and welcome development. Teenagers in Canada have pledged to not have children until they feel it’s safe to bring one into the world.

    I hope it goes viral.

    Hey if you think Swinson’s a devious – Scottish – buttwipe, you really should spend 15 seconds listening to Mhairi Black – batshit nuts.

  • Landloper

    of course Greasy Jo would like us all to forget that she stood up in the House and declared that she wanted ia referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU and asked for an IN or OUT vote….fast forward to her elction as Liedem Leader and the brazwn Swinson emoted to her party conference that she ‘couldn’t forgive David cameron for calling the referendum…’ Now she has ‘vowed’ to stop brexit should she come to power without a Second referendum and in defiance of the very referendum she said she wanted. Like corbyn, the higher up the establishment she gets the less Eurosceptic she becomes. [Amusing videos of her in action on Guido Fawkes under ‘Jo Swinson’s brexit Referendum U-turn]

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