February 2019

The Strange Death of Europe

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I wanted to write about the rise in socialism in the USA and how one new US left-wing New York member of Congress managed to run a campaign which made Amazon give up their decision to start a new HQ in New York which would have created 25,000 new jobs and over $20bn […]

Jussie Smollet is a victim! He’s not a lying scumbag!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I wanna be a victim!

When I was younger, people got status and reputation from what they achieved in their lives. Now that all seems to have changed. In today’s crybaby, snowflake culture, status is achieved by how much one can claim be a victim. If you’re black, you’re clearly a victim […]

Dumb enricher threatens to leave Holland! Duh!

(weekend blog)

Plastered as usual

First here’s a picture of the EU’s great leader taken during his latest meeting with our hopeless Theresa May:

As you’ll see – the Drunk is plastered as usual. It must be difficult shaving when you’re pissed as a newt most of the time. Though some people […]

Every day the situation becomes ever more farcical/tragic

(Thursday/Friday blog)

Another month of mayhem and murder

There’s an organisation in the US called The Gatestone Institute which publishes quite a lot of articles about the many wonderful benefits we useless Westerners, who have contributed so little to human technical, scientific, medical and artistic advancement, are getting from the millions of fine people being […]

Should we have a statue commemorating Hitler?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I know the Religion of Peace is a religion of peace. You know the Religion of Peace is a religion of peace. Our progressive, open-minded, libtard rulers keep telling us the Religion of Peace is a religion of peace:

This is in spite of the fact that there have been […]

How do you negotiate with a useless drunk like Juncker?

(Monday blog)

I don’t have any stories today, so here are a few excruciating examples of the absurd behaviour of the useless drunk who currently rules over about 500 million Europeans.

Sometimes, I feel a bit sorry for the lying, treacherous hopeless May. After all, how can you negotiate anything with a useless drunk like […]

Is Salvini the Saviour?

(weekend blog)

Somalis’ contribution to America

First I’d like to thank a reader for doing a little background research on the (IMHO) foul-mouthed, anti-semitic, ignorant, US-hating new congresswoman Ilhan Omar whom I featured in Friday’s blog.

She’s a Somali who the USA granted citizenship to when she was 14 and her family appealed for that […]

Why would a new member of Congress hate America so much?

(Friday blog)

I found the short video below interesting.

In the video newly elected member of Congress Ilhan Omar engaged in a nasty exchange with special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, accusing the diplomat of being a liar and pressing him on his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair and killings in Central America during the […]

It’s not just us filthy unbeliever infidels who will be killed

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

In my most recent blog, I featured a learned cleric from our most loveliest religion explaining that non-believers had four choices – convert, be oppressed, be enslaved or be killed. I even suggested that this cleric, who had probably studied the Koran for more than forty years, possibly knew more about his religion […]

It’s not a phobia when they tell you they want to kill you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

New libtard definitions of Izlumophobia

Our rulers are busy making up new definitions of Izlumophobia in order to suppress any criticism of our wonderfullest, most favouritest religion.

Here’s the latest version from a few councils:

• Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a […]