February 2019
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Why would a new member of Congress hate America so much?

(Friday blog)

I found the short video below interesting.

In the video newly elected member of Congress Ilhan Omar engaged in a nasty exchange with special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, accusing the diplomat of being a liar and pressing him on his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair and killings in Central America during the […]

It’s not just us filthy unbeliever infidels who will be killed

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

In my most recent blog, I featured a learned cleric from our most loveliest religion explaining that non-believers had four choices – convert, be oppressed, be enslaved or be killed. I even suggested that this cleric, who had probably studied the Koran for more than forty years, possibly knew more about his religion […]

It’s not a phobia when they tell you they want to kill you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

New libtard definitions of Izlumophobia

Our rulers are busy making up new definitions of Izlumophobia in order to suppress any criticism of our wonderfullest, most favouritest religion.

Here’s the latest version from a few councils:

• Calling for, aiding, instigating or justifying the killing or harming of Muslims in the name of a […]

Let us give thanks to our many multi-cultural enrichers

(weekend blog)

This weekend I’d like to introduce you to Hewad Shivzad. It’s just possible that the BBC and C4 News and all the other mainstream media will decide that Hewad Shivzad’s story isn’t newsworthy.

This young chap, Hewad Shivzad, is just 19 years old. Here he is:

What I mean is […]

Finally a comedy sketch that makes fun of progressive liberals

(Thursday/Friday blog)

For years supposed ‘comedians’ on the BBC and other channels have ‘entertained’ us by mocking anyone with views that aren’t leftist, progressive, virtue-signalling, rapemigrant-hugging and politically correct.

But finally a comedy sketch has emerged that dares ridicule the progressive, lefty, #metoo, snowflake idiots who have turned our democracy into an idiocracy.

The sketch […]

“Self-inflicted” – the adjective the mainstream media never use

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

I want you to imagine the population of the UK doubling every 20 years. Officially there are just over 66 million people living in the UK. But if you include all the unregistered illegal immigrants, the real figure is probably comfortably over 70 million. However, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s accept […]

Cowardly Finns tell migrants “ota raiskata tyttäremme”

(weekend blog)

On Thursday/Friday, I featured an article from the Gatestone Institute about how migrant grooming/rape gangs had started ‘doing a Rotherham’ in the Finnish town of Oulu. Part of the article I didn’t include went on to discuss why local politicians and the authorities were denying there was a problem and were refusing to […]