August 2018

Is this cow still alive while being skinned?

(Friday blog)

Here’s a lovely video. In it our friends from the Religion pf Tolerance, Peace and Harmony are seen skinning a cow that has been ‘killed’ as part of the festival of Eid or something like that.

This is not happening in the usual Third-World sh*t-hole. It’s happening in today’s Canada.

Canada used to […]

“A few hundred right-wingers” the lying BBC reported

(Thursday blog)

Last weekend, there was the annual city festival in a German town called Chemnitz. Last year, it was overshadowed by several rapes and massive sexual molestations, done by Arabs and Afghans, and the same happened also this year. In one case, about a dozen “young men” (newspeak for our Moozerlum friends) tried to […]

Ice? What ice? There’s no ……….. CRASH!!!!!!!! Ooops!

(Wednesday blog)

2014 Antarctic ice melting!!!!!!

You might remember the joy many of us experienced back in 2014. A Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, was leased from the Russians, filled with dead-brained, dumb-assed Greenies and film crews and headed off to the Antarctic to prove that the Antarctic ice was melting due to Global […]

I promised I wouldn’t show this barbarity, but………….

(Tuesday blog)

Yesterday’s blog

I hope everybody had the time to read yesterday’s blog about the difference in prison sentences given to Class A drug-dealers who were white British and those who were multi-cultural enrichers. The white Brits got an average of 15 years while the multi-cultural enrichers got an average of 3 years.

I […]

Our police and judges hate us Brits almost as much as the BBC and C4 News

(Monday blog)

Today, I’d like to just give you two little stories from two parts of our once great country featuring the ‘punishments’ handed out last week to drug-dealers in Class A drugs (heroin, cocaine etc) from two different communities.

West Yorkshire – white Brits?

Let’s start in West Yorkshire where a gang of mostly […]

Hooray!!!! Khan scores a century!!!!!

(weekend blog)

Welcome to Londonistan

I don’t know if London’s (IMHO) useless, ‘blame everyone else for everything’, increasingly invisible mayor, the vertically- and morally-challenged Right Honourable Sadiq Khan, is a cricket fan. But whether he is or not, we should congratulate him. He’s just scored a century. Yes, a couple of days ago London had […]

Happy Eid everybody!!!!!

(Friday blog)

After yesterday’s video of a Halal slaughterhouse in Britain, I think I’ll spare you from videos of animals meeting their Halal ends in countries that don’t quite have the same standards of animal welfare as we pretend to have in Britain.

However, as millions of animals get cruelly slaughtered in celebration of Eid […]

Why do the cowards at the RSPCA condone cruel Halal slaughter?

(Thursday blog)

Two large parts of Belgium, Flanders and Wallonia, are set to ban unstunned Izlumic ritual slaughter in 2019. But the practice will remain legal in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

As of next year, Belgium is banning the practice, which involves slitting the throat of an animal and letting it bleed to death […]

How hard is it to get into Uni nowadays?

(Wednesday blog)

I was in Oxford yesterday recording a Podcast for Breitbart London about my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

Last week was a big week for Britain’s school-leavers. They got their A Level results on Thursday 16 August and now have to decide which university to go to. This gave all the newspapers […]

Maybe we should listen when our enemies tell us their plans?

(Tuesday blog)

Nobody listened to Uncle Adolf

I’ve never read Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. Nor have I ever listened to any of the good man’s speeches to the mass crowds of his adoring supporters. But from the little I understand, dear Adolf made a few things very clear

Germany would take back all land lost […]