November 2012
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Why help lazy corrupt Greeks when millions die of starvation? Blair still wants to be EU president

For about 3 years now we have watched our euro-politicians’ increasingly ineffective and panicky attempts to stop the high-spending, corrupt, lazy, tax-avoiding Greeks from going bankrupt by throwing our money into the bottomless pit that is Greece. Yet at the same time 925 million people in the world are hungry and every day almost 16,000 […]

Obama “gets it” – the future is bright, the future is Asian

You can level many criticisms at Obama – particularly the way he has allowed US debt to balloon out of control. But there is one issue where he is absolutely right – where America’s future lies. Obama has realised that Europe is a busted flush with its incompetent, corrupt, self-serving, mostly unelected leaders driving the […]

Could you help me sell just one copy of GREED UNLIMITED a day?

Since the Daily Mail scrapped its article about my latest book GREED UNLIMITED, I’m having real trouble shifting any copies.

So once again, I’d like to ask your help. If I can just sell one to two copies a day, I’ll eventually break even. It’s not a bad book and you’ll get more value from […]

Thank God! Blundering, incompetent, lying fools (IMHO) Tucker and Bean didn’t get BoE job

Has our Government finally made one good decision? Instead of appointing Bank of England (BoE) insiders Paul Tucker or Charles Bean to be the next governor of the BoE, we have a Canadian Mark Carney. Like most commentators, I don’t know much about Mr Carney, but I do know about the uselessness, incompetence, bungling and […]

39-year-old German becomes latest “flying farang”: Beware ladyboys offering you a drink

Yesterday I wrote here about the local phenomenon of “flying farang” – Western men, often married to much younger Thai women, who suddenly jump (or are pushed by their Thai wives, family and friends) to their deaths from tall buildings. Most readers probably thought I was exaggerating. But glancing through the local newspaper last night, […]

When in Thailand, beware “flying farang”

If visiting Thailand, never walk near a high-rise block of flats where foreigners (farang) live. Otherwise you migh get injured if you’re hit by a “flying farang”. A “flying farang” is usually a Western man over 65 who has retired to Thailand and married a much younger Thai woman. When buying his flat (condo) the […]

It’ll take 100 years to pay back Osborne’s borrowing: The rats loot the sinking ship

Osborne is preparing his Autumn Statement. He’ll probably say that his deficit reduction plan is ‘broadly on course’ and would have been fine if the Eurozone had not imploded. Labour will of course claim the Government is cutting too far too fast. And the usual political and economic commentators will come out with their usual […]

Let’s stop being so intolerant. Let’s allow Sharia Law in Britain now.

Stupid, intolerant people often complain about the Islamification of Britain and about Sharia Law slowly creeping into our society as members of the Muslim community turn to their imams to sort out legal issues rather than to the UK authorities. But what’s the problem? Let’s be more welcoming to our Muslim guests. If they want […]

Are Deloittes corrupt, totally corrupt, utterly corrupt or totally and utterly corrupt?

Whenever there’s a major financial scandal, usually one of Britain’s “Big Four” accountancies (KPMG, E&Y, Deloittes, PwC) is involved. Of these, Deloittes frequently seem to be around when murky going-ons are going on.

Readers of this blog will know that in 2005, just after my book RIP-OFF was published, I was contacted by a senior […]

So, how much does a Thai gogo bar girl actually earn?

Are Thai gogo bar girls exploited victims or willingly taking the only possible route out of a life of poverty? A gogo bar girl will typically be paid about 10,000 to 12,000 baht per month for 29 shifts from 20.00hrs to 02.00hrs. There are around 50 baht to the pound – so that’s £200 to […]