July 2019

Daring to say that which may not be said – still permitted in Australia (just?)

(Wednesday blog)

I’d like to use today’s blog to introduce you to Andrew Bolt (in case you haven’t heard of him).

Andrew Bolt is a commentator on current affairs on Sky News Australia. He’s interesting because he dares say things that would be considered crimes against political correctness in countries like the UK and USA.


“Today is a really hard time to be a young person” and other PC bollox

(Tuesday blog)

Today is a really hard time to be a young person

Monday evenings are usually my TV-watching evening. There’s C4’s Dispatches at 20.00h and then BBC1’s Panorama at 20.30h. Of course, both programmes are usually total politically-correct bollox usually blaming white colonialism or Brexit or Farage or Trump or suchlike for all the […]

EU has painted itself into a corner – but there is a way out

(Monday blog)

I’m afraid it’s the EU and Brexit again today. I’m writing this as I haven’t seen this explanation of the situation and solution in any of the mainstream media

EU painted into a corner?

I imagine the EU bureaucrats couldn’t stop laughing. The (IMHO) useless, incompetent, europhiliac, UK-hating Theresa May gave into every […]

Thank goodness it’s a religion of peace

(weekend blog)

Royal Navy joke no longer funny

Before going into the subject of this weekend’s blog, I’d just like to apologise to readers.

Whenever I use statistics, I always try to use accepted numbers from official sources. Occasionally I will make guesstimates as I did a couple of days ago when I guesstimated that […]

Of course it’s hot at Heathrow you eco-blockheads!

(Friday blog)

Here’s a line from a Times article today bleating about supposed Global Warming (or Climate Change or Human Extinction or whatever it’s called this week): “Measured in Cambridge at 3.37pm, it beat the previous record for July of 36.7C, which was set at Heathrow in 2015. It was only 0.4C shy of the […]

Tory Remoaner liars – don’t be fooled by them

(Thursday blog)

OMG – not Brexit again!

You’ll probably feel like losing the will to live if I write a blog on Brexit and Boris Johnson’s new government. But I’ll go ahead anyway as I haven’t seen any of the mainstream media report what I believe is happening.

I hope Boris Johnson will succeed in […]

Hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill, hate, kill…………………

(Wednesday blog)

Deport this Asshole!

First here’s a story you won’t see widely reported in the UK mainstream media. The progressive media are howling and screaming about Trump’s supposed racism for daring the criticise the US-hating “Squad” and they’re branding Trump supporters as racists for chanting “send her back” about one of the members of […]

What do Britain’s well-paid admirals do all day?

(Tuesday blog)

A Royal Navy farce?

When Britain ‘hijacked’ an Iranian oil tanker, the Iranians helpfully informed us that they would ‘hijack’ one of ours in return. Given this warning, ordinary people might wonder why our Royal Navy failed to react to protect our shipping.

As the Royal Navy now belatedly scrambles around to find […]

Making America Muslim?

(Monday blog)

Apparently I’m a “rancid racist”

Here’s a rather unpleasant email I received at the weekend from

Comment: You’re the David Craig who comments on the Times, aren’t you? What a rancid racist you are and I hope everyone on the Times finds out about you Perhaps amusingly, Adrian G. Sykes sent this […]

I am legally prevented from commenting on this video

(weekend blog)

Why is it always the West that has to sort things out?

I noticed two stories this week which made me wonder why it’s always us in the West who have to sort out other people’s problems.

Firstly there was the story of the two conjoined twins from Crapistan. They had to be […]