December 2017

This Christmas let’s remember Christians?

Normally at this wonderful time of the year, we at snouts-in-the-trough like to wish our readers a multi-cultural ‘Winterval Holiday’ and a diversity-rich 2018. In the interests of not offending anyone who is not a Christian we, like many schools, businesses and other institutions in the West, have tended to drop the word ‘Christmas’.

But […]

Don’t watch this appalling video! Do NOT watch it!!!!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’m not going to watch this video. Though I have no doubt that it is appalling and I advise you not to watch it either.

After all, you might agree with what is being said and that would be ‘hate thought’ which is a ‘hate crime’.

Although, maybe it doesn’t matter. If you’re […]

Demographics – turning opportunity into catastrophe?

(Friday/Saturday/Sunday blog)

You’ll all know that most advanced Western countries (including Japan) are facing what alarmists like to call a ‘demographic time bomb’. Actually, all that is happening is that the indigenous populations are not reproducing at replacement rate.

This has two main consequences:

A shrinking economy as older people tend to spend less

Another blunder by Trump? Ooops, he got it right again! And Again!

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

When Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last week, the “experts” and the Trump-hating libtards and the lefty buffoons at the BBC and Channel 4 News all claimed that Trump had made a massive blunder and they predicted Armageddon with vast, violent protests and a wave of terror across the world.


The great “97% of scientists agree……” Global Warming lie

Today I wanted to write about how Britain is being threatened by an Irish pederast (I hope that is a politically-correct term). But as some cretinous reader commented on yesterday’s blog about Global Warming bollox asking how it was that I thought I knew more about climate change than the oft-quoted “97% of scientists agree….”, […]

More “Warmie” bollox?

A few weeks ago, BBC journalists were creaming their knickers in delight at a new UN report which revealed that last year’s CO2 levels were higher than they’d been for at least the past three million years.

Global levels of CO2 reached over 403 parts per million in 2016 and, as usual, BBC ‘experts’ blethered […]

Be careful if some ‘new Europeans’ ask you the way to the nearest Burger King

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This 14 second video is apparently from Germany. It appears to show some of Merkel’s migrant millions having a bit of innocent fun.

They start by asking an old man the way to the nearest Burger King. And when he turns to show them, they thank him in the only way they know […]

The real reason for General Mike Flynn’s contacts with the Russians?

We’ve all seen the headlines – Trump’s security adviser, General Mike Flynn, lied to FBI about contacts with the Russians. But, as far as I know, no mainstream media has bothered to report the nature of Flynn’s contacts with some highly-placed Russians.

That’s why I found the piece below by US commentator, Pat Buchanan, interesting. […]

Has someone been a very naughty (multi-cultural) boy?

Dum dum Durham!

In 2005 police sergeant Mohammed Perwaze was tasked with helping to boost race relations in Darlington, working along with officials from the Darlington and County Durham County Racial Equality Council (DDREC).

At the time he was chairman of the force’s Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA).

So, our friend Mohammed Perwaze […]

Do NOT watch these two videos

On Friday I wrote about two videos that readers should NOT watch. Since then, I have been contacted by several readers recommending the videos that I advised you NOT to watch. Clearly my advice was ignored or not understood by some readers.

So, here again are two videos – one by Pat Condell and one […]