October 2010

Cowardly Cameron caves in again

Today Cowardly Cameron is in Brussels. While playing the tough guy opposed to the ludicrous EU budget increase, Cowardly Cameron is already preparing the ground for a complete cave-in. Not only will he allow the corrupt wasteful EU to increase its already bloated budget, but he will also agree to changes to the Lisbon Treaty […]

Gleeful MPs cheer half a million job losses

Our greedy, expenses-fiddling MPs had a great time cheering on the public spending review that will cost half a million jobs. Liar Osborne and Liar Cameron claim “we’re all in this together”. But I didn’t see any 25% cuts in the number of MPs, increases in the amount MPs pay towards their generous pensions or […]

Grauniad readers apoplectic at the cuts

The readers’ comments in the Grauniad are truly wonderful today. Even though Osborne is only taking public spending back to the 2007 level, Grauniad readers seem to believe this is the total destruction of the NHS, education and the welfare state. If this goes on, there will be so many heart attacks and strokes amongst […]

Cowardly Cameron caught in EU trap

You’ve got to laugh. Like several previous PMs, Cowardly Cameron has promised us a referendum on any further changes to the Lisbon Treaty. The ugly twins, Germany and France, have decided that the Lisbon Treaty needs to be changed because of the financial crisis. So how will Cowardly Cameron wriggle out of that promise?

Perhaps, […]

Alan Johnson are you a liar or just a fool?

That great economic genius, Alan Johnson, is apparently ploughing through the first chapter of a book on economics to bring himself up to speed as shadow chancellor. But he has already made his first wise pronouncements – all our problems have been caused by the banks. Alan old chap, do you not think the fact […]

Aircraft carriers with no aircraft?

Once again it seems like the incompetent dolts at the MoD have excelled themselves. Apparently they have ordered the two new and unnecessary £5bn aircraft carriers knowing that there won’t be any planes to fly from them. Sadly I predicted precisely this situation over four years ago in my book Plundering the Public Sector.

Who […]

David Cameron – you are a liar!

Multimillionaire David Cameron claims “we’re all in this together”. But we’re not. Our MPs are being allowed to continue stealing our money by fiddling their expenses. And in the House of Lords, they’ve changed the rules to make stealing our money much easier too. Now a peer just has to spend one day a month […]

Stop universities conning students

The universities are shroudwaving claiming that the coming cuts will destroy higher education. But remember, many so-called ‘universities’ are just polytechnics in disguise. To move from poly to uni status, they just extended one- and two-year diploma courses into three-year degree courses – often without changing the content at all. My contacts in the press […]

Cowardly Cameron cons us again

It’s party time if you’re a public-sector bureaucrat or quango boss. You can go on earning your six-figure salary and look forward to a six-figure, inflation-protected pension. But if you’re in the private sector, you’re going to get hammered by this useless government’s new taxes. As usual, Cameron the Coward and his sidekick Baron Osborne […]

Bonfire or damp squib? Auntie Maude fluffs it.

Finally the useless Francis ‘All Talk and No Trousers’ Maude has announced the result of the so-called ‘bonfire of the quangos’. He’s not able to say how much money will be saved. He’s not able to say if any money will be saved. He’s not able to say whether the great bonfire will actually cost […]