May 2021
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West to be defended by pansies, daisies and other limp-leafed flora?

Friday – weekend blog

Killed by corrupt Indians?

I wanted to write about the rise and rise of Boris’s Indian variant of the Chinese Wuhan plague. I wanted to point out how the usual lefty scumbags are criticising the government for supposedly ‘introducing new lockdowns by stealth‘. But nobody in the media has dared wonder […]

You can call me “Captain Foresight”

Monday – Thursday blog

Boris has been having great fun lambasting Keir ‘Mr Bland’ Starmer for being “Captain Hindsight”. So, I’d like to lay claim to the title “Captain Foresight” for two reasons:

1. The India variant disaster

In my blog on 23 April, I warned that giving British Indians a week to get back […]

A concatenation of cock-ups will always end in conspiracy and cover-up. Jail Fauci!!!

Thursday/weekend blog (I’ll leave this up for a few days as it’s so important)

Here’s the most important video you’ll see this year. It’s Steve Hilton explaining his investigation into the source of the Chinese plague. The video is about 15 minutes long. But Steve Hilton is a smart guy – not some weird conspiracy […]

The US funding Wuhan – Part 2. Time to jail Fauci for crimes against humanity?

Monday to Thursday blog

It seems there’s more coming out about the links between Fauci, a gentleman called Peter Daszak from an organisation called EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Here’s an article from Nature Magazine from August 2020 in which Daszak complains that he is no longer able to continue his funding […]

Was the US government funding the Wuhan Chinese plague research?

Friday/weekend blog

I try to avoid allowing mad conspiracy theories on my blog and prefer to only do stories where I can present the facts. But there’s a rather interesting story doing the rounds which it might be worth mentioning here as it’s unlikely any of the Sinophiliac mainstream UK media will cover it.

Why […]

We’d better start building more land. Quick!

(Tuesday to Friday blog)

I’m afraid it’s still climate change

There’s one aspect of our rulers’ great plans for their net-zero paradise by 2050 that they might not have fully considered.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the glorious future when much of our electricity will supposedly come from nature’s blessing – […]

You’d better start saving up to pay for Princess Nut Nut’s climate catastrophe

(Weekend to Monday blog)

I didn’t have time to write a blog on Friday as I’m trying to finish the first draft of my new book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS by the end of next week.

As part of researching the book, I was looking at the cost to British households of Boris’s (Princess […]

Many small lies add up to the biggest lie of them all.

(Tuesday to Thursday blog)

Regular readers will know that I’m pretty busy writing a new book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS.

I hope to have the first draft ready in about 3 weeks. Then I have to decide whether to try to sell the book to a publisher or to just pay […]