December 2012

Welcome to the Age of Incompetence

The most distinguishing characteristic of the last decade or so must be the rise of incompetence throughout the whole public sector and political classes. The incompetent are too many to list, so here I’ll just mention a few.

As the NHS has doubled its budget yet gone from 8 beds per manager to 3.6 beds […]

MP Keith “Vazeline” Vaz says public losing confidence in police. Pots and kettles?

That great parliamentarian, Labour MP Keith Vaz, has once again graced us with his great wisdom as he claims that events like Hillsborough and Plebgate have caused the public to lose confidence in the integrity of the police. A politician questioning the integrity of the police? Immediate thoughts of pots and kettles? After all, how […]

Beware the Ticketmaster/Livenation ticket “scam”

Apologies if you already know about this (IMHO) massive rip-off on tickets to concerts and sporting events, but I just found out about it. It goes like this:

I saw an ad in the Sunday Times for a tour by Bruce Springsteen. I tried to buy tickets at as directed in the ad. Unfortunately […]

Yipee! Useless, wasteful, politically-correct BBC says nobody responsible for anything

Whatever the Government tries to do, the useless, wasteful, politically-correct BBC always manages to find thousands of supposed “victims” whose lives will supposedly be “ruined”. It never seems to occur to the BBC that people have to take some responsibility for their own lives. This search for victims usually reaches a crescendo at around Christmas.


Don’t let your parents get scammed – a difficult conversation to have at Christmas

As most of you probably work, you won’t see much daytime TV. But there is one programme you should record to see when you get home – “You’ve been scammed” on BBC1 at 11.00 a.m. Mondays to Fridays. It’s estimated that scam artists cheat Brits out of around £8bn a year – that’s £22m a […]

The West’s welfare states are unaffordable – but our politicians are afraid to tell us as they want to keep their jobs

Investing genius Warren Buffett is credited with saying that it’s only when the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimmig naked. Many people seem to think that the 2007-2015 financial crisis is a difficult but temporary event that will soon be forgotten as the world’s economies start to grow again. In fact, […]

Don’t get overcharged by “” and other travel websites

Many travel websites – for booking hotels, holidays, train and plane tickets etc – have a function that identifies each person accessing them by their computer and which then charges them more once the website knows which hotel date, holiday or ticket they are interested in. Let me explain from what happened to me yesterday:


Mr Cameron – we can’t afford to pay £30bn to Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants

At some point in 2013, under EU rules 21.4 million Romanians and 7.5 million Bulgarians will be able to move to Britain. In the last few years, around 3 million Romanians and 580,000 Bulgarians have left their dirty, corrupt, worthless, impoverished countries for a better life in the EU’s richest countries. And who can blame […]

The good news – US and Asia are recovering: the bad news – UK and EU are not

Yesterday, US economic growth hit 3.1% – around ten times the growth rates we have in Britain and the Eurozone. As for Asia – growth rates are anywhere from 5% to 8% a year depending on the country. Asia is booming. Our lying politicians tell us they’re working hard to stimulate economic growth, but where […]

Our politicians lie – but the numbers tell the truth

In Westminster, our useless, greedy, expenses-thieving politicians play a well-paid, futile game. On the one side, liars Cameron and Osborne pretend they’re cutting public spending and ‘rebalancing the economy’ to fix the mess made by Labour. On the other, liars Miliband and Balls pretend to know nothing about how Labour wrecked the country through overspending, […]