March 2017
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You think Merkel is a disaster? Schulz is even worse!

Anybody with a working brain – and that’s apparently a slight majority who voted Trump in America and a tiny minority of Eurosceptics in Eurabia – can see that Angela ‘Hitler’ Merkel’s policy of handing over her country and the rest of Europe to an invading army of military-age men from the Religion of Tolerance, […]

Do you know how many innocents have been slaughtered for religious reasons in the last 10 days?

Do you know how many innocent people have been slaughtered in the last 10 days by the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred and Peace?

What do you think? Ten? Fifty? One hundred? Come on, take a guess.

The answer is at least 301 killed and another 472 injured.

That’s quite a lot of dead and injured […]

Could you afford £60,000 a year for care?

Every year about 46,000 people have strokes in Britain. About 22% of these stroke victims will require 24-hour care for the rest of their lives. That’s 10,120 more people requiring 24-hour care every year.

If these 10,120 people with severe complications after their stroke have any assets – some savings, a home, a few shares […]

The cowardly Dutch betray us all – yet again!

The results are in. The Netherlands have voted to reject Geert Wilders and to become a Third-World Islamic Republic ruled by Germany.

When push came to shove, the Dutch funked it.

But the Dutch have always been big-mouthed cowards. The Dutch remained neutral in WWI and quickly surrendered to the Germans after less than two […]

Doomed! Doomed! Doomed! Actually this chart shows we really are doomed

It’s easy for journalists to write ‘we’re doomed’ bad news stories. Bad, alarmist news sells better than good news. In fact, there’s an old journalism adage “if it bleeds, it leads” – if a journalist can write a story with tons of victims, then they’re likely to have their story leading in whatever news programme […]

There’s no famine in Africa – just overpopulation, corruption, backwardness and violence

Here we go again. Yawn! Yet another supposed famine in Africa. And the useless, corrupt, Islamophiliac UN is claiming that the world is possibly facing “the greatest humanitarian disaster in 60 years”.

So, prepare yourself for endless BBC and Channel 4 reports showing starving children and endless charity TV ads featuring multimillionaire, tax-avoiding, virtue-signalling celebs […]

I agree with Erdogan

I wanted to write about the supposed famine in several African countries today and explain why we shouldn’t be conned into giving any money however many multimillionaire, tax-avoiding celebs appear on charity TV ads to order us to hand over our cash. But there’s another story which deserves to be mentioned. It’s not very exciting […]

Aaahhhhhh, true love – it’s such a beautiful sight!

(weekend blog)

It’s spring (well almost). And love is in the air.

This is especially true in Germany. Until Merkel set up a ferry service to bring a couple of million Africans to Europe, lonely, old, ugly, embittered German women (like Merkel) had to travel to African countries like the Gambia for romance and what […]

BBC bias is sometimes quite subtle

We all know that the progressive, lefty, libtard BBC is constantly in breach of its charter by being ludicrously biased.

The BBC is embarrassingly biased in its support for EU membership, for Germans to run Britain, for uncontrolled immigration, for Muslim invasion and takeover and against Britain’s independence, against British values and against any form […]

“Seventeen years old?” Pull the other one!!!

Here’s a picture of an article from a German newspaper. According to the caption, it features a supposedly “17-year-old” Afghan child refugee called Ahmad Shah Hussein phoning his mum back in Afghanistan. How touching. See, these child refugees really need our help.

Hold on a minute! How stupid do the journalists and politicians think we […]