July 2024

Doomed! Doomed! Doomed! Actually this chart shows we really are doomed

It’s easy for journalists to write ‘we’re doomed’ bad news stories. Bad, alarmist news sells better than good news. In fact, there’s an old journalism adage “if it bleeds, it leads” – if a journalist can write a story with tons of victims, then they’re likely to have their story leading in whatever news programme or publication they work.

But here is a chart which actually does show that we are doomed. It’s a chart that you’re unlikely see in the mainstream media as to show it would be “waaaccciiissssttttt”. This simple chart shows the projected population growth in Africa compared to Europe’s population decline:

Pretty impressive, huh?

The population of Africa increases by over 60 million every year. Taking the average current life expectancy of an African at around 65, this means that around 18 million Africans die each year while another 78 million are born each year. That’s 213,698 per day: 8,904 per hour:148 per minute. And over 90% of all these additions to Africa’s population will be born into abject, inescapable grinding poverty.

Today there are over 1.2 billion Africans. Within most of our lifetimes in 20 years there will be over 2.4 billion Africans. By the end of this century there will be 3.57 billion Africans.

Where are the extra 600 million Africans being added to Africa’s population every 10 years going to get food and shelter? In Africa? Not a chance. Stupidity, backwardness, ignorance, religion and violence prevent most African countries from developing the resources needed to support their rapidly growing populations. In fact, many African countries – Rhodesia, South Africa, Nigeria etc – are actually going backwards. They’re being destroyed, rather than being developed, by their utterly corrupt, incompetent, useless, multi-billionaire rulers.

So they’re producing less food and less wealth while their populations are rapidly increasing.

That is not a recipe for success.

Each year millions, in fact tens of millions, of Africans will have to move to survive. And where will they move to? Yup, you guessed it, you’re all more intelligent than our ruling elites. Millions, or even tens of millions, of Africans will swarm to Europe.

The one to two million migrants a year we’re seeing at the moment is just the start of the ‘great migration’. Soon it will be three or five or even ten million a year heading for the good life in Europe.

I don’t blame them. You or I would do the same.

Then, of course, you have to add in millions more migrants fleeing their wrecked countries in the Middle East. I could include a chart of population growth in the Arab Middle East countries. But I think we all know what this would show.

But how can our society, economies, culture and social systems absorb this invasion of African and Middle-East migrants most of whom will be illiterate, inbred, religiously backward, full of a sense of grievance towards the wealthy West, unemployable and violent?

It really is difficult to see a future for Europe unless we close the borders.

But our rulers would never do that because of the howling fury of the progressive, holier-than-thou, brain-dead libtards who control all the mainstream media and attention-seeking, virtue-signalling, look-at-me, multi-millionaire celebs.

Interesting times ahead!

3 comments to Doomed! Doomed! Doomed! Actually this chart shows we really are doomed

  • david brown

    In 1990 The BBC made a TVM called The March which depicted millions of Africans marching towards western Europe and demanding to be let in. The film is now all but blacklisted . It used to be on youtube but the BBC get it removed under false pretext. You can still watch the German dubbed version. The BBC have of course no intention of releasing it on DVD due to the sensitive subject matter.

  • Theresa O

    A crucial topic, but I cannot reconcile your figure of 60m /annum increase in Africa’s population with the growth rates reported eg here , saying Africa’s pop is growing at 2.55% per annum. On a current pop of 1.2bn the increase amounts to about 30m /year.

  • David Craig

    Different organisations use different growth projections. But a general rule of thumb is that the population of an African country doubles every 20 years.

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