May 2022
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Aaahhhhhh, true love – it’s such a beautiful sight!

(weekend blog)

It’s spring (well almost). And love is in the air.

This is especially true in Germany. Until Merkel set up a ferry service to bring a couple of million Africans to Europe, lonely, old, ugly, embittered German women (like Merkel) had to travel to African countries like the Gambia for romance and what the porn industry refers to as ‘bbc’.

But now that Africa has come to Germany, German women can get ‘love’ and ‘bbc’ in their own home towns. They just need to hang out near their local migrant centre.

Below is a very short video of a lovely, loving couple. They are very much in love even though the young man seems unable to speak a word of German and the old woman doesn’t seem to speak a word of English. But clearly the language barrier hasn’t stood in the way of their blossoming love. True love will always find a way.

Aaaahhh, how touching. Aaahhh how charming love is.

Though for some reason, which I am unable to understand, the person posting the video has titled it “The easy way to a German passport“.

Some people are so cynical.

2 comments to Aaahhhhhh, true love – it’s such a beautiful sight!

  • Colin Smith

    The ‘mental health’ card is played for almost any criminal these days, especially when said miscreant is an immigrant/muslim; yet we are all supposed to be bad people for attaching a ‘stigma’ to ‘mental health’ issues. It is the very same people bleating about this so-called ‘stigma’ who are happy to label anyone & everyone as having ‘mental health’ problems, so long as it suits their twisted agenda.

  • david brown

    Some ten years ago i was in the English Town of Boston. Lots of East European’s working in fields. Quite a number of well built white males on some false pretext disability benefit often with partner and kids.
    Also a surprising number of unattractive borderline retarded women with an African partner.Mostly with a young child or baby in pram. I guess the arrangement was he provided her sex and a child. She with the child was able to provide herself and him via social a flat or house. The women where plain and unintelligent so she probably actually got a better quality child as far as it would go. The African, think Ghana beach boy, of course had a home and base to check out the venues and better looking English girls.

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