July 2024

BBC bias is sometimes quite subtle

We all  know that the progressive, lefty, libtard BBC is constantly in breach of its charter by being ludicrously biased.

The BBC is embarrassingly biased in its support for EU membership, for Germans to run Britain, for uncontrolled immigration, for Muslim invasion and takeover and against Britain’s independence, against British values and against any form of patriotism and national pride.

Usually the BBC’s bias obvious. But sometimes it can be quite subtle.

This story was spotted by someone much more intelligent than myself. It concerns an Indian Muslim athlete from Indian Kashmir who traveled to America to compete in some competition.

When the athlete initially applied for a visa there was some problem with his papers and he was at first denied a visa. His agent claimed that the visa had been denied due to President Trump’s supposed travel ban on Muslims. The BBC was quick to pick up the story with the headline Kashmir Muslim athlete denied US visa due to ‘current policy’. This stressed the fact that the athlete was a Muslim.

In fact, the reason the athlete was at first denied a visa had nothing to do with Trump’s ‘current policy’ as India wasn’t one of the 7 countries covered by the temporary travel restrictions. But, of course, the BBC never lets the truth get in the way of a good pro-Muslim, anti-Trump story.

Anyway, following the intervention of some idiotic, US-hating Democrat politicians, the man finally got his visa. While the gentleman was in America, there was an unfortunate ‘misunderstanding’ between the athlete and a 12-year-old American girl. Surprisingly, the BBC also reported the story. However, there was a small difference in the BBC’s description of the man. The headline read Indian athlete in sex abuse in US.

For the BBC, the athlete was no longer a ‘Muslim’. Now he was an ‘Indian’ and no mention was made of his religion. Why not? Because for the biased BBC, Muslims are always victims. When something unpleasant happens to (or more usually is falsely claimed to happen to) a Muslim, the BBC is quick to stress the religion of the victim. But when a Muslim is a perpetrator, the BBC carefully avoids mentioning the person’s religion. Then the person is an Indian or an Asian or even a British man. But for the BBC, he is never a Muslim.

It’s time to scrap the TV licence and make the BBC a subscription-only service. Then it would be interesting to see how many viewers actually want to pay for a constant barrage of Britain-loathing, German-loving, Islamophiliac, lefty, progressive, libtard propaganda.

Meanwhile, it seems to have been a lively few hours in Europe with an axe-wielding man attacking travellers in Düsseldorf station and two men shooting a few people in a cafe in Switzerland. The BBC is already telling us that the axeman was from the former Yugoslavia (that means he was most probably a Muslim though, as explained above, when a criminal is a Muslim, the BBC only mentions their country of origin not their religion) and that he was “known to have psychological problems”. Surprise, surprise. It’s amazing how quickly after each Religion of Peace attack the BBC discovers that the attacker had ‘psychological problems’.  No doubt the two Swiss gunmen will also be found to have ‘psychological problems’ and the two attacks will HNTDWI.

5 comments to BBC bias is sometimes quite subtle

  • NoMore

    They are simply trying to prevent that terrifying backlash against innocent Musl!ms by far-right extremists that is always just over the horizon.

  • MGJ

    Replacing the licence with a subscription would be a big improvement but cultures are very hard to change and we’d still have a toxic propaganda outlet with vast unearned resources gained not by successful competition but by government fiat. I therefore suggest disbanding it completely and selling its assets.

  • dave hancock

    @ NoMore, you either have an excellent sense of humour or be employed by the B.B.C …. no mention of Christians I see.

    Anyway, was going to say, I haven’t bought a T.V license for over 4 years for several reasons , 1, the B.B.C have taken many millions from the E.U who want to strip us of our nationality and therefor our Sovereignty = Treason.
    2, It is their place to prove I do need a license, not mine to dissprove.
    3, I have withdrawn their ” implied right of access ” You tube should do it for you.
    4, They are a bunch of limp wristed wankers.
    OK, the last one wasn’t really a reason, i just wanted to call them names !


  • NoMore

    As I don’t work for Auntie it must have been the former (though sarcasm is the lowest form of wit etc.)

  • dave H


    Roger that !

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