July 2024

You think Merkel is a disaster? Schulz is even worse!

Anybody with a working brain – and that’s apparently a slight majority who voted Trump in America and a tiny minority of Eurosceptics in Eurabia – can see that Angela ‘Hitler’ Merkel’s policy of handing over her country and the rest of Europe to an invading army of military-age men from the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred and Peace has been an utter disaster.

West-loathing, globalist, elitist German fascist Merkel has almost single-handedly started the destruction of probably the greatest civilisation mankind has ever seen. It is becoming likely that, due to Merkel’s policies, there will be civil war in several West European countries within the next 30 years due to uncontrolled immigration of members of the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred and Peace. The UN is already predicting that migrant-flooded Sweden will become a bankrupt, violent, Third-World country by 2050 – all because of Third-World immigration.

We were treated to a wonderful scene last week when President Trump refused to shake treacherous, islamophiliac, West-hating, fascist Merkel’s hand. Trump has risen even further in my estimation for his demonstration of his genuine and justified loathing for Merkel.

Following treacherous Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s crazy decision to allow uncontrolled Third-World immigration into Europe, there has been much media speculation about whether she can win a fourth term in power in the Autumn 2017 German elections. And anyone who cares about Western civilisation would be glad to see her lose. But the problem is that the alternative is even worse.

The ‘concentration camp guard’

The patriotic AfD (Alternativ fur Deutschland) party is gaining support but will probably only get about 15% of the vote in the German elections. That means the only real challenger to Merkel is the socialist former president of the rotten, parasitic, expenses-thieving, worthless European Parliament, Martin Schulz.

Schulz is widely considered an ardent EU supporter. He has hailed European unification as being civilization’s greatest achievement over the past century. Schulz is committed to strengthening Europe and the European institutions. As a europhiliac, Schulz loathes the idea of Europe consisting of separate countries with their own identities and believes that Europe should be run by a strong (unelected) European government under the control of the European Parliament (which, of course, would be under the control of a resurgent Germany).

While President of the European Parliament, Schulz has fought to prevent free speech and has tried to censor any criticism of the utterly corrupt, wasteful European Union. He has also been behind plans to change the rules at the European Parliament so that only Pro-EU parties can get financial support and attempted to crush eurosceptic parties by launching investigations into supposed financial mismanagement by UKIP and Marine Le Pen’s Front National while turning a blind eye to financial mismanagement by pro-EU parties.

In one of his rare moments of lucidity, former Italian leader Silvio ‘Bunga Bunga’ Berlusconi’ compared Schulz to a concentration camp guard because of Schulz’s increasingly fascist attempts to wipe out any opposition to his grab for power.

As for Third-World immigration – we can expect this to hugely increase under a Chancellor Schulz as he seeks to swamp Europe with violent, inbred, low-IQ, illiterate, unemployable, rapist, Third-World scum as Schulz tries to erase any sense of national identity and finally destroy what little is left of Europe’s nation states.

Here we go again

You may have thought that Merkel was a catastrophe. But Europhiliac, fascist, socialist Schulz will be even worse.

I have written before about Mark Twain’s observation that history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes. I believe that Twain meant that each country has national characteristics which mean it will behave in a certain way whatever the circumstances. Germany, for example, will always seek to dominate Europe. In both 1914 and 1939, the Germans sought to destroy Europe and Europe was only saved due to the courage and belief in democracy and freedom of the British and Americans.

Now history is about to rhyme. Once again under Merkel or Schulz, Germany will plunge Europe into conflict and war – this time a civil war between the indigenous populations and the adherents of the Religion of Tolerance, Hatred and Peace.

And once again, it will be the British and Americans who will have to rescue Europe from the destruction and civilisational suicide started (as usual) by Germany.

3 comments to You think Merkel is a disaster? Schulz is even worse!

  • dave H

    Thank god for the drop of water between us and them ….
    best we start scraping the rust off our ” Training ” warships.

  • Alan Howard

    Excellent comments Mr Craig.

    Don’t forget though that in WW2 it was the “Red Army that tore the guts out of the Wehrmacht” (W S Churchill)

    I have a feeling we will owe another debt to the Russians before long…….

    Big Al

  • Judd

    Germany and the destruction of Europe, here we go again.
    You’d think by now they the population of Germany would learn, if not the rest of Europe would learn as they have so many times, but no, it seems the new generations haven’t learned a thing from the past.

    Agree about Russia being a good ally when the chips are down, Russia and such countries as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, will they be the safe lands millions of survivors of the coming civil war will have to flee to in times to come, our grandchildren maybe among them?

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