May 2024

The cowardly Dutch betray us all – yet again!

The results are in. The Netherlands have voted to reject Geert Wilders and to become a Third-World Islamic Republic ruled by Germany.

When push came to shove, the Dutch funked it.

But the Dutch have always been big-mouthed cowards. The Dutch remained neutral in WWI and quickly surrendered to the Germans after less than two days of pretend fighting (actually just running away and hiding) in WWII. Then the Dutch once again shat themselves and gave in without a fight in July 1995 when Bosnian Serbs decided to slaughter over 10,000 Bosnian men who were supposedly under Dutch UN soldiers’ protection.

As for our rulers, the Euro-elite, they’re all overjoyed and are crowing about how the Dutch “defeated right-wing extremism”.

Sorry, but the cowardly Dutch have never ‘defeated’ anyone or anything.

Given this, I thought it might be useful to jot down just a few thoughts about what repulsive, racist, narrow-minded right-wing extremists that the Dutch have supposedly ‘defeated’ believe.

A ‘right-wing’ extremist believes:

a) that Western countries have made a massive and valuable contribution to human civilisation in sciences, engineering and the arts

b) that each nation has traditions and culture which should remain undiluted

c) that for a nation to exist it must have clear borders and that these should be controlled firmly

d) that the only foreigners allowed to enter should be one spouse of a national, or his children, and such individuals as the state from time to time requires; that all tourists should have health insurance and return tickets

e) that their country’s government’s primary responsibility is the security and well-being of its own citizens

f) that criminal foreigners should be returned whence they came at the earliest opportunity, with no return allowed

g) that foreigners must abide by each country’s laws and customs and upon failing to do so must depart

h) that universities are places where ideas should be challenged and discussed rather than places where only progressive, libtard views are allowed

i) that Europe would be committing cultural and economic suicide by allowing an invasion of millions of low-IQ, inbred, intolerant, illiterate, unemployable, criminal male migrants of military age every year

No wonder the lilly-livered, Islamophiliac, Europhiliac Dutch rejected Geert Wilders’ supposed ‘right-wing extremism’. You probably wouldn’t find a real backbone in the whole country.

Dear cowardly Dutch, when your boring little, ever so liberal, ever so progressive country is over-run by Third-World garbage and the Netherlands turns into the next Sweden with no-go areas, constant violence and criminality, women afraid to go out on their own, your daughters being harassed and raped and your houses being ransacked by the Third-World invasion army remember this is what you voted for when you supposedly ‘defeated’ right-wing extremism.

Dear Dutch, enjoy your future. You deserve it!

3 comments to The cowardly Dutch betray us all – yet again!

  • John Fields

    Right or wrong, it is the Dutch people’s right to choose.
    That is exactly what we did with Brexit.
    Let us hope that France chooses a different path,though I
    doubt it.

  • NoMore

    Disappointing – guess that big turnout was by the Euroviles gimmegrant lovers not the patriots.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    What a let down the Dutch have proved themselves to be….

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