April 2024

I agree with Erdogan

I wanted to write about the supposed famine in several African countries today and explain why we shouldn’t be conned into giving any money however many multimillionaire, tax-avoiding celebs appear on charity TV ads to order us to hand over our cash. But there’s another story which deserves to be mentioned. It’s not very exciting or sexy. But it is still important in a way as it shows yet again how the globalist, West-hating elites and the mainstream media continually lie to us in order to fool us into supporting them and the status quo rather than voting for patriotic parties who want to protect European civilisation from the Third-World invasion .

You probably know that first Germany and then the Netherlands have banned political rallies in Germany and the Netherlands planned by Turkey’s President Erdogan to gain support from expat Turks for his proposed changes to the Turkish constitution to give himself more power to turn Turkey into an oppressive, one-party Islamic State.

The German and Dutch governments claim they’ve banned the rallies because of fear of public disorder. Erdogan however has blasted the German and Dutch governments calling the ban undemocratic and accusing the Germans of being Nazis and the Dutch of being fascists.

There are two possible reasons why the Turkish rallies were banned:

Security: You could believe the mainstream media reports that the German and Dutch governments acted in the best interests of their citizens in banning the rallies to maintain public order

Censorship: Or, if you were cynical, you might think that with elections coming up in both Germany and the Netherlands and with anti-immigration parties (AfD in Germany and Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party in the Netherlands) gaining ever more support, the last thing the establishment wanted their citizens to see would be hundreds of thousands of German and Dutch Turks all gathered together in one place. Such gatherings would bring home to the Germans and Dutch just how many foreigners were living in their countries and probably increase support for the anti-immigration parties. So the German and Dutch governments hit upon the feeble excuse of public order to have these rallies banned.

There are an estimated 4 million Turks in Germany. One in every 20 Germans is Turkish. In the much smaller Netherlands there are ‘only’ around 500,000 Turks – ‘only’ one in every 30 Dutch is Turkish.

In this little spat between Erdogan on one side and Merkel and Rutte on the other, I’m inclined to agree with Erdogan. I believe the rallies were banned because the treacherous, lying, West-hating scum Merkel and Rutte were terrified that the rallies would increase support for the patriotic, anti-immigration parties in the coming German and Dutch elections.

It’s surely odd that none of the mainstream media seem to have considered this possibility!

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  • david brown

    this is covered in leftist article in the Telegraph Today – readers comments are far the Dutch people getting their nation back.
    The Metro , Mirror, Sun, Guardian, Telegraph do not pre – moderate readers comments. May I suggest readers here go to their online pages and plug or post links to this site whenever they cover related subjects.

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