March 2018
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Transgender studies and the asphyxiation of free speech

Here he is again. The inimitable Pat Condell.

This short (6 mins) video is about the complete suppression of free speech at British universities by the kind of idiots who ‘study’ worthless degrees and become involved in ‘student politics’ so they can find things to protest about.



Meanwhile in Swedenistan

Most readers will have heard about a 22-year-old Swedish woman working at a rapefugee centre in Sweden being stabbed to death by a rapefugee claiming to be 15 years old (as so many men who are much older do believing it improves their chances of being allowed to stay).

I’ve been reading the main Swedish newspapers. Surprisingly they do actually report the story. But the Swedish police are refusing to say which country the attacker came from and how long he has been in Sweden because “this has no relevance to the investigation”.

How long before the Swedish media and police try to twist the story to give the impression that the murdered woman was responsible for her own murder and the (Muslim) murderer was just an innocent victim?

Meanwhile in the Islamic Republic of Germany

Here’s a short (20 seconds) clip from a week or so ago showing German women being dragged off for a bit of multi-cultural enrichment by some of Merkel’s million Muslim rapefugees. God help us!

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