July 2018
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My new video about M*sl*m multi-cultural enrichment

(Long weekend blog) I’m just finished off my latest short (3 mins) YouTube video.

This one is about the multi-cultural enrichment our rulers have brought to Britain and the rest of Europe.

It’s a happy sing-along Karaoke video – fun for all the family. So get your Korans out, bang on your Burkhas and sing! SING! SING!

(to start, click on the “play” arrow in the centre)


3 comments to My new video about M*sl*m multi-cultural enrichment

  • Peter

    Donald Trump Wants What David Cameron Does Not Dare To Say:

    A Ban on Muslim Immigration

  • frank Keefer

    And because the left and the dense multicultural loving politicians love power and look upon all those who object to MC as bigots and racists videos like this will be ignored..the only hope and it has to be quick is an overthrow by the army or the majority of British and European peoples seeing the danger and throwing out the politicians who want to destroy their individual countries…it cant wait years mass Islamic immigration will continue and increase for they see the wealth of the West as its prime goal.

  • David Brown

    Read on a website about an English man in Finsbury Park who came across an Islamic Bookshop. He went inside and two bearded men asked what he wanted, He said did they have The Britain First plan to deport the Muslims. They responded F’ck off, leave now and do not ever come back, He replied yes that is the book, do you have it in paperback?

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