August 2022
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Donald Trump says we’re “insane” – I agree

Brilliant move by Donald Trump. Claiming to be upset by a press release put out by Fox News, he has refused to participate in Fox News’s Republican presidential candidates debate.

The real reason he won’t take part is probably that, as the clear frontrunner, he has everything to lose by the others ganging up on him and nothing to gain.

By telling Fox News to stick their lousy debate where the sun doesn’t shine, Trump is breaking all the rules of the campaigning game and leaving the other contenders looking like pathetic political pygmies all flailing around in his shadow.

Trump just gave a press conference mocking Fox News and claiming the network’s top executives had been desperately calling him every 15 minutes begging him to take part, and that he had spoken to Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox’s parent company, News Corp., just minutes before.

Of course, all the media will claim that Trump’s refusal to participate just shows how cowardly or mad he is. I think it shows strategic genius and will probably win him even more support from ‘ordinary’ people disgusted by the way the political elites have betrayed them.

And talking of madness. We’re constantly being told Trump is ‘mad’. Well here’s a short (1 minute) YouTube video where he says that Merkel’s (and thus Europe’s and Britain’s) immigration policies are “insane”:

I’m struggling to find any reason to disagree with what Trump is saying about our immigration insanity.

So, who is really mad? Trump as our media constantly tell us? Or Merkel, Cameron and all the other *sl*mophiliac appeasement junkies in politics and media who think that if we crawl grovelling to M*sl*ms they’ll leave us in peace?

Unless Trump becomes US president, Western civilisation is at risk of being obliterated by the *sl*mic invasion.

But we all know that the US political establishment will find some way of blocking Trump, just as the French establishment managed to block Marine Le Pen’s Front National.

2 comments to Donald Trump says we’re “insane” – I agree

  • Andrew Eaves

    Mr Trump is absolutely right on the mark in this video clip, thank you David for sharing. He speaks of the age of mostly the men, mostly in there twenties, an army. I see on a recent truck drivers video at Calais in the jungle area that the majority of would be asylum seekers trying to reach the free UK benefits system on the road side quite frankly acting like terrorists to get a ride were again these young men. No older people, no families. Our politicians are so blind. Again the same people whom are our beloved rapefuges and the masters of cultural destruction.

    Like another one of your contributors posted some weeks ago I have all ready discussed with my wife that when I retire we will be leaving the UK as a few of our friends will be. We will go to a country which has strong policies against all this crap. And I really don’t believe that Brexit will really happen despite our best efforts for voting no to the EU and supporting UKIP.

    Oh, and thanks David for some of your books. Planning to purchase an automatic car for my wife so I’ve ordered “Dont By it” and we will be purchasing property away from this craziness. Our friends have all ready purchased land ready to build property.

  • David Brown

    put these three words into


    I assume its a spoof but it gives a very convincing plan for the peaceful transference of parts of the UK to Islamic semi-control via demographic changes.

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