May 2024

Mr Trump – most people in Britain agree with you

We saw it with Nigel Farage for more than ten years. He was unashamedly mocked and denigrated by the politically-correct establishment media at every possible opportunity. Any photos would be of him giving a speech in order to make him look like a raving lunatic. He was repeatedly accused of bigotry and racism. And a TV documentary – “Nigel Farage: Who are you?” – was cobbled together by Channel 4 to ridicule him and his supporters.

Yet everything Farage predicted was right – the economic collapse of the EU, the M*sl*m invasion, the abject surrender of British sovereignty and the loss of control of our borders to the utterly corrupt and undemocratic EU superstate in the making. And we would never have had even Dave’s ludicrously rigged referendum on EU membership had it not been for Farage’s continuous pressure on our treacherous, europhiliac establishment politicians.

And now that Donald Trump has rattled the cosy, self-serving, parasitical US establishment in the same way Farage did in the UK and Europe, Trump is getting the same treatment in the US and here – branded as a racist and bigot, only shown in the least flattering photos and subject to a pathetically-biased hatchet-job supposed ‘documentary’ by the usual leftie lickspittles at Channel 4 – The Mad World of Donald Trump. Even yesterday the Daily Telegraph did its bit for the ‘Get Trump’ witch hunt with “He’s got a name like a flatulent cartoon duck. He’s unfit to be leader of his own hair, let alone the free world”.

I agree that Trump has some presentational and appearance problems. He’s also not a great speaker. But let’s look at what he actually said. I think there are four main areas where he has scored some direct hits on the corrupt, incompetent self-serving US political establishment:

1. Stopping M*sl*m immigration – Trump said that M*sl*m immigration should be stopped till the US Government figured out whether it really was good for America and put in place a proper system for vetting would-be M*sl*m migrants. Given the fifty or so people being murdered every single day by M*sl*m fanatics in scores of countries around the world, given the London bombings, given the Paris attacks, given the wave of rapes by rapefugees engulfing Europe and given the huge number of terror attacks the authorities claim they have foiled due to their brilliance, I think most people in Britain (and Europe) would like to see their own governments do what Trump has suggested – put the safety and security of their own citizens above *sl*mophiliac political correctness.

2. US Middle East wars a disaster – Trump has dared say the unsayable. The US’s (and its allies’) military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have cost trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives and have all been a total disaster caused by utter incompetents who had absolutely no idea what they were doing and what the consequences might be. You hit the nail on the head there, Mr Trump.

3. US trade deals with Japan and China destroying American jobs – Trump has repeatedly lambasted the US establishment for doing trade deals with Japan and China which keep US products out of their markets while allowing Japanese and Chinese products to flood into America destroying US industry and jobs. He particularly criticised the weakness of both republican and democrat presidents in allowing the Chinese to manipulate their currency so they can always undercut American goods and Trump has advocated slapping a 25% levy on all Japanese and Chinese imports to bring both countries to the negotiating table. Meanwhile, in Europe our rulers passively allow our major industries – aluminium, steel etc – to be wiped out and thousands of jobs to be lost by Chinese dumping their products at below cost in our markets

4. Iran nuclear deal a catastrophe – Talking about the Obama deal with Iran which gives the Mad Mullahs the bomb and loads of money to help them destroy first Israel, then assist the M*sl*m takeover of most of Western Europe, Trump said “Never, ever, ever in my life have I seen any transaction as incompetently negotiated as our deal with Iran”. Can’t disagree with that.


It’s easy to make fun of Farage and Trump. They’re not consummate party politicians who have never had a proper job in their lives, unlike Cameron and the Milibands (both of them) and Clegg and all the others of their ilk. Farage is a much better speaker than Trump and has been in politics longer. But both men share some similarities – they are patriots, they care about their own countries, they’re not afraid to speak the truth and they’re popular with many ordinary people who are horrified by the way our self-serving political elites are destroying our countries and cultures.

No wonder the political and media establishments in Britain and the US loathe them both so much.


5 comments to Mr Trump – most people in Britain agree with you

  • Brillo

    Take a look at this YouTube clip in Luton. If this doesn’t wake you up to the muzzie crisis nothing will.

    Trump for President.

  • NoMore

    If Trump does not win the Presidential election this year it will be a major, perhaps mortal blow to the chances of the survival of Western civilisation.

    Also urgently required are Merkel’s exit from the World stage by whatever means, the fall of the EU back to nation states and Cameron/Osbourne’s abject Blair-lite infiltrators being replaced by real Conservatives (there seem to be a score or so left such as Liam Fox) until Ukip can take over.

  • mike mines

    Once the immigrant vote swings an election like this the West is over.
    As a teacher told us in the ’60s, this century will belong to the Chinese.
    And we 15 year olds laughed at him.

  • Andrew Eaves

    I don’t particularly like Mr. Trump however he is **THE BEST WAY FORWARD** for the USA and would provide massive benefit and changes. If he does not make president, then the current spiral of decline, and poisoning will run unchecked until civil unrest and vigilantes will become common place and crush the parasitic invasion. Mr Trump has my full support as does Mr Farage. Of course I wait to see the day the sudden change in our politicians views as expressed in the recent debate to ban Mr. Trump from the UK. America can be great again, and bring and end to decaying society standards, but it will take a great leader and lots of time.

    As to the youtube video link supplied by Brillo, this is Leagrave road close to the Arndale centre as sometimes I have had the misfortune of using this road in the works van. Just around the corner on the walkway to the hateful Arndale shopping centre, you could be walking in India with all the outstretched hands of older generation of beggars whom look to be M*sl*m or from some other hell hole. My shock is how the hell did these people get into the UK and what’s more allowed to stay. Its usually the same people every time I walk past. I note most can afford smokes as they usually have one lit up.

  • WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for donald duck

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