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Is London about to get a crooked, UK-loathing, expenses-fiddling M*sl*m mayor?

Even today, if you said to anyone in the UK that within 30 or so years our country will be run by M*sl*ms, they’d still think you were mad or racist or both.

But let’s look at London for a few hundred words. The election for the next London mayor is on 5 May 2016. The current favourite to replace Boris Johnson is Sadiq Khan, a Labour politician and son of immigrants from that excrement-covered hell-hole of backwardness, stupidity, religious intolerance, persecution of Christians, gang rape, stoning, FGM and corruption – Pakistan.

While a Labour MP, Mr Khan had some unfortunate ‘misunderstandings’ over his expenses and more than once reportedly had to repay money that was overclaimed due to ‘administrative oversights’ and of course not due to greed and corruption. Mr Khan is surely an honest man? Perhaps he just didn’t understand the rules?

But what did honest Mr Khan do before he got his snout deep into the trough of the hundreds of millions we taxpayers pour into Westminster each year?

Oh look, he was a Yuman Rights lawyer. But not just any Yuman Rights lawyer. Mr Khan seems to specialise in cases defending people who have caused trouble for the UK authorities or who claim to have been racially discriminated against:

  • Bubbins vs The United Kingdom (European Court of Human Rights – shooting of an unarmed individual by police marksmen)
  • HSU and Thompson v Met Police (wrongful arrest/police damages)
  • Reeves v Met Police (duty of care to prisoners)
  • Murray v CAB (discrimination)
  • Ahmed v University of Oxford (racial discrimination against a student)
  • Dr Jadhav v Secretary of State for Health (racial discrimination in the employment of Indian doctors by the health service)
  • CI Logan v Met Police (racial discrimination)
  • Supt Dizaei v Met Police (police damages, discrimination)
  • Farakhan v Home Secretary (Human Rights Act)

The Supt Dizaei case is an interesting one as our honest, fearless, freedom-fighter Mr Khan was trying to prevent (fortunately for us unsuccessfully) the M*sl*m police commander, Dizaei, from going to prison for alleged “misconduct in public office” and “attempting to pervert the course of justice”.

sadiq khan

As for the Farakhan vs Home Secretary case – Farakhan had been banned from Britain for expressing “anti-Semitic and racially divisive views”.  Our Mr Khan helped Farakhan get that ban lifted. Perhaps you’re beginning to get an idea of where Sadiq Khan’s loyalties lie?

Of course, this is not a full list of honest Mr Khan’s cases. But I couldn’t see any examples of him defending the Yuman Rights of under-age British girls gang-raped and gang-sodomised and gang-tortured by mainly Pakistani M*sl*m men. Perhaps, for Mr Khan, some people (people who hate Britain or who are M*sl*ms) have more Yuman Rights than others?

And what about honest Sadiq’s political achievements? Khan was an early backer of the totally unelectable twat Ed Miliband becoming his campaign manager. Khan reportedly masterminded the useless Ed Miliband’s shock win over his frighteningly photogenic and electable elder brother David, and was tipped as a future rising star of the Labour Party, jumping 82 places in one year to 16th in The Daily Telegraph’s ‘top 100 most influential left wingers’. So, to further his own political career, Slimey Sadiq helped condemn his party to 10 to 15 years out of power. But what does he care? He’ll soon be the extremely well-paid, well-pensioned and generously expensed London mayor.

What can we expect if Mr Khan wins?

Well, if it’s anything like Tower Hamlets or Birmingham or Rotherham or any of the other towns where M*sl*ms have taken control in Britain, we should get massive electoral fraud, intimidation forcing people to vote for the M*sl*m candidate, taxpayer-funded jobs for the politician’s family and cronies, huge sums of our money siphoned off and given to M*sl*m organisations, lucrative public-sector contracts awarded to firms run by M*sl*ms as part of a policy of ‘positive discrimination’, clear warnings given to the police and the authorities to avoid ‘offending’ M*sl*ms by investigating crimes (rape, robbery, violence, benefits fraud etc) committed by M*sl*ms and similarly clear orders to clamp down brutally on any signs of suspected *sl*mophobia by the few white people remaining in Londonistan, plus of course a huge increase in the number of mosques mostly funded by lunatic billionaire fanatics from Saudi Arabia.

You still think M*sl*ms won’t soon be running Britain? Hopefully you’ll change your mind after 5 May.

Oh and Londoners, if this (IMHO) piece of utter sh*t gets elected mayor, please don’t bitch and moan when he turns our once great city of London into a corrupt, stinking Third-World bastard cross of Raqqa, Karachi and Teheran. Remember, you voted for this (IMHO) total worthless shite. You get what you vote for.


Oh, and to cheer us all up, here’s something sent to me by a reader. But don’t laugh otherwise you might get arrested by the thought police for *sl*mophobia:


3 comments to Is London about to get a crooked, UK-loathing, expenses-fiddling M*sl*m mayor?

  • Jasminism!

    The photo of the pub umbrellas and the caption are chortletastically ace.

    Double funny as Muslims ban alcohol.

  • London’s first halal mayor has the following agenda:-
    A) Ban all dogs from all public parks
    B) Make Halal food compulsory in all schools
    C) Close down Pubs in all residential areas
    D) Ban bacon
    E) Ban bikinis
    F) Build Mega Mosques in all London Boroughs
    This just the beginning

  • Steve Lane

    The turd is white-hating Twatt!
    I’m sure there was a YouTube video of him at anight Islamic conference calling us the kafir.

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