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The land of 30 million rapes?

You’ll often see claims on the Internet that Sweden has the second highest number of rapes per 100,000 of population. Although not on the chart below, the leading country for rapes is generally believed to be Lesotho:


But international comparisons are very difficult as the statistics are so unreliable. For example, if a woman tried to report a rape in a Third-World hell-hole like India or Pakistan, she’d probably immediately be raped by almost everyone at the police station and a few of their friends. And if a woman reported a rape in any M*sl*m country, her ‘reward’ would be that she would be stoned to death for adultery if her family didn’t kill her first for supposedly ‘shaming’ the family. So, we can assume that rapes are rather under-reported in Third World and M*sl*m countries.

But anyway, I did a little simple arithmetic and I believe England may now be the “rape capital of the world”.

Let me explain. I’ll start with Rotherham. Typically a girl being sexually abused and beaten and sodomised by ‘British’ M*sl*ms would be (as far as I understand *sl*mic customs) used by 5 to 10 men each time. But let’s be generous to our useless politically-correct police and just assume that the girl is raped by ‘only’ five different men on each occasion. Then let’s assume these rapes happen say twice a week. So, that girl would be raped around 520 times each year.

Then let’s assume that after say two years the M*sl*ms get tired of that girl and go to get fresh meat. So, in total each girl would be raped about 1,040 times as a result of her contact with ‘British’ M*sl*ms, you know the ones Cameron says have ‘made a huge contribution to our country‘. Now, we know that about 1,400 girls were abused just in little Rotherham (population about 258,000), so that makes at least 1,456,000 rapes of white girls by M*sl*ms that were enthusiastically covered up by Rotherham’s police, politicians and local authorities. Not bad for a fairly small town.

muslim rape cartoon

We also know that what was happening in Rotherham was also happening in many other British towns and cities. Of course, we’ll never find out how many. But if we assume that there were at least another 20 Rotherhams, that gives us about 30,576,000 rapes of white girls carried out by ‘British’ M*sl*ms (the ones Labour politicians keep saying ‘have made a huge contribution to our country‘) over the last 15 years or so.

Of course, some of my assumptions will be wrong. There may ‘only’ be another ten Rotherhams. Or there may be another thirty. The average number of M*sl*m men abusing a white girl each time may be higher than five or lower. The number of times each white girl is subjected to M*sl*m gang-rape, gang-sodomy and gang-torture may be more than twice a week. Or it may be less. We don’t know and we’ll never know.

But from my simple calculation above, it would not be exaggerating to suggest that somewhere in the region of 30 million incidences of gang-rape and gang-sodomy were carried out by M*sl*ms in England over the last 15 or so years – two million a year (2,000 rapes per 100,000 of the population) – and all were knowingly covered up by the police and the politicians and the bureaucrats because they didn’t want anyone questioning their plan to destroy British identity by throwing open our borders to the most primitive, intolerant, backward, misogynist, violent, lazy, benefits-scrounging scum on the planet.

If you want to know where the ‘rape capital of the world’ is, I think you’ll find it’s our very own ‘green and pleasant land’ – England.

And why has England become the ‘rape capital of the world’? Uncontrolled M*sl*m immigration.

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  • Brillo

    Our political masters should hang their heads in shame for allowing the immigrant situation to get so bad. It’s time we held them to account. I thought civil war was 25 years away but with the mass influx of degenerates running into the millions each year that prediction has been revised to 10 years.

    Watch and weep for Europe.

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