October 2020
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Dirty buggers, those Indians

Recently while in the Land of Smells, I was sitting in a cheap and cheerful restaurant where I often eat dinner, in general watching the world go by and in particular observing ladies of the night and their customers negotiating what services would be provided and at what cost:

beach road

My attention was caught by a group of four Indian men in a long and animated discussion with quite a large lady. I could see from her body language that she was suggesting the four Indian men take her along with some other girls and from the Indians’ body language that definitely they wanted a ‘four-on-one’ and weren’t interested in more possibly normal one-on-one sexual intercourse. Eventually, the negotiation ended and the four Indian men walked away presumably to try to convince another lady to deliver their desires at the appropriate cost.

Interested in what it was all about, after I paid my dinner bill, I crossed over the road and offered the lady in question 100 baht if she would tell me what the Indians were looking for. It seems that their intention was that three of them would be having sex with her simultaneously – one with his penis in her mouth, another in her vagina and a third in her anus – while the fourth filmed events and took photos. (That would give the Indians some lovely memories to share with family and friends. OK, perhaps not with family. And certainly not with their wives. But definitely with their friends) Then after a while, the lady didn’t explain how long, the four Indians would change positions – the one in her mouth might move to her vagina, the one in her vagina to her mouth or her anus or to the role of film-maker and photographer recording events and so on.

This is something very noticeable in the Land of Smells. Farangs (Westerners) and Japanese tend to take one girl each for their boom boom. But with Indians, it’s always three, four or five men to one girl/woman.

Moreover, whereas Farangs and Japanese tend to go for the younger, slimmer girls, the Indians prefer someone with quite a few extra kilos (someone like their mothers?!?!?!). But I guess that, when you’re four or five men all enthusiastically banging away at one female, you need something reasonably well-built that can easily take the strain.

I have no great cultural or psychological insights to offer as to why so many Indian men are so obsessed with group (several men on one female) sex and why they seem to be afraid of straightforward, old-fashioned one-on-one sex. But it definitely seems to be a widespread national characteristic.

Hey ho, it’s a funny old world.

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