June 2024

“It’s all still to play for” claim lying fake Tories

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The lying game

We’re seemingly stuck in a strange charade. Following the local elections disaster for the incompetent self-serving, expenses-fiddling, sexually-deviant fake Tories, it seems that the official lines Conservative MPs have been ordered to spout at every interview are “It’s all still to play for” and “the election result isn’t a foregone conclusion”. Of course, they’re lying. They know they’re lying. We know they’re lying. They know that we know they’re lying. And we know that they know that we know they’re lying. Everyone knows that the fake Tories are going to get thrashed in the coming general election. But yet we’re all supposed to play the game called “It’s all still to play for”.

There was no “swing to Labour”

In one sense, the lying fake Tories are correct. For example, we’re repeatedly told by the media that there was a “26% swing to Labour” in the recent Blackpool South by-election. The Tory-hating, Labour-loving BBC triumphantly announced: “Labour supporters are celebrating a huge 26% swing from the Tories, heaping pressure on Rishi Sunak”. In fact, there was no swing to Labour at all. As an excellent article on The Conservative Woman website explains, what actually happened was that the Conservative vote collapsed by an astonishing 80% since the 2019 General Election while the Labour vote only fell by 14% (see chart below):

So neither the immigrant-hugging, all-talk-and-no-trousers fake Tories nor the UK-loathing, Hamas-adoring Labour actually gained any votes.

If we look at the voting figures for mayor of the West Midlands, we see a slightly similar picture. In May 2021 Conservative candidate, Andy Street, got 314,669 votes. In 2024, this had fallen 29% to 224,082. The Labour candidate, whose name I can’t be bothered to remember, got 267,626 votes in May 2021. But in May 2024 this had fallen by 16% to 225,590. Yet the mainstream media again waffled on about “a swing to Labour”. Also in London the party which lost the least number of votes since the previous mayoral election won. Yet the media similarly told us that there was “a swing to Labour”. So it seems that the latest lot of elections were won by the party which lost the fewest votes compared to the previous elections rather than by the party which gained the most votes. That’s hardly a vote of confidence in our political system or its leaders.

There are perhaps two main ways to interpret what has happened:

  • the useless, navel-gazing fake Tories purport to believe that if they “stick to their plan”, then there are millions of voters who will rush out to vote Conservative at the next election for fear of letting in gutless Keir ‘women-have-penises’ Starmer and Red Angela ‘two-homes’ Rayner
  • or else you could conclude that millions of voters are so disillusioned by the mediocrity and lies of the two main parties that they can’t be bothered to vote for either and so this represents an unprecedented opportunity for a party like Reform to make a breakthrough and even push the treacherous, do-nothing, EU-fanatic Tories into third place

But there is at least one certainty, our next government will be Labour and they will probably lower the voting age to 16 to ensure that no patriotic, proud-to-be-British party ever gets elected in Britain again.

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  • A Thorpe

    I will be spoiling my ballot paper and it will take a lot to change my mind. I have no confidence in Tice. I wonder whether Farage will surprise us. He said recently that he would be announcing his decision about his future soon. I voted UKIP in the EU elections but I can’t see Farage as PM.

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