April 2024

“First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday”

First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday (After Saturday Comes Sunday) (Arabic: min sallaf es-sabt lāqā el-ḥadd qiddāmūh‎), lit, ‘When Saturday is gone, one will find Sunday’, is a popular Arab expression. It has been documented in Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, in the form: sállẹf ẹs-sábt bẹtlâqi l-ḥádd qẹddâmẹk 

What it means, first we will kill all the Jews – those whose holy day is on a Saturday. Then we will kill all the Christians – those whose holy day falls on a Sunday.

Sadly for our Arab friends things haven’t gone quite to plan. Even though the Europeans have been doing all they can to help the Arabs wipe out Israel (the Germans helpfully supplied much of the material for Iran’s nuclear programme), the Americans have stuck with Israel and so far every time the Arabs attack, they get a bloody nose.

But that has not deterred our peace-loving Arab brothers. While continuing to harrass Israel, they seem to have brought Sunday forward and have almost completed the massacre of Christians living in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. The Lebanese Christians got all but exterminated in the Lebanese civil war and subsequent invasion and takeover by Syria. And during the brief reign of Morsi and the M*sl*m brotherhood in Egypt it became open season on Coptic Christians. Several thousand were despatched in the name of the Prophet.

Naturally there has not been a bleat of protest from our supposedly Christian rulers and the supposedly Christian Church of England as the Middle East’s Christians are wiped out. And as for the professional hand-wringing, bleeding-heart Lefties and Guardianistas, they don’t seem to have been too concerned either. But every time Israel whacks a building where Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists are hiding, hoping to use the occupants as a human shield, the howls of fury are almost deafening.

Our leaders hope that by appeasing M*sl*m hatred, the Arabs will leave us alone once all the Jews have been killed or forced to flee to America which will probably be the only safe haven left to them.

But our leaders simply don’t understand that we are in a war of evil versus civilisation. And when the Jews are no more, it will be our turn.

Remember “First comes Saturday, then comes Sunday” every time you hear our rulers grovelling to Arab fanaticism and claiming “*sl*m is a religion of peace”.

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  • Keen Reader

    I was chatting only yesterday with an elderly friend who spent several years in the Middle East almost three decades ago, before the extent to which Islam is a threat to the freedom of the West had been generally realised. She remarked that hard as she had tried, she had never been able to understand the convoluted thinking which constitutes Islam and that presumably centuries of its practice had destroyed the capability of independent thought in its adherents. Seems to me she was spot on!
    Appeasement never, never, NEVER works. Un-“PC” and even un-Christian as it may seem, the only way to deal with evil is to counter it with a force greater than that which it presents. That great Englishman Winston Churchill, without whom England would have surrendered to Nazism, understood that. Our current leaders would do well to remember this when next week we commemorate the 50th anniversary of great man’s death.

  • A few days back David Cameron said Fox news man was idiot for saying Birmingham was Muslim city. put into google -standpoint magazine birmingham –see 2011 telegraph article and readers comments.

  • John Fields

    Changing the subject Mr Craig, have the donations to your blog improved, or are the
    98 per cent still acting like Scrooge?

  • I think about 3% of readers have now contributed and I’ve been given about £300 in total. So, given the costs of perhaps £2,500 setting up and running the website, I’m about £2,200 out of pocket. Hope that answers your question. And hope that sheds some light on the kind of people the British have become.

  • John Fields

    As your blog has become an essential part of my intake of information I will send you
    a second donation to help counter the majority of your readers who are so bloody
    tight-fisted. To be truthful, I am bloody disgusted.

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