December 2023
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Of course *sl*m is a thousand million percent compatible with British values

I get really really frustrated and angry when I hear waaaacccciiiissssttts and narrow-minded bigots claim “*sl*m is not compatible with British values”. It really really makes me cross.

I believe it makes our great leader, *sl*mo-Dave Cameron, very very cross too. So he has to keep telling us that “*sl*m’s values are British values”.

So, to prove once and for all that the wonderful Religion of Tolerance and Peace is (as an X-Factor judge might say) a million trillion percent compatible with British values, I’ve prepared a simple reference table. On the left I’ve listed a few key aspects of life in Britain and then across I’ve indicated the dominant attitudes of four main groups to these aspects of life in Britain (click to see more clearly):

muslim values compatible

There. You can see that *sl*m is ummm, errr, oops. Wait, let me try again:

muslim values compatible 2

I’m sorry. I think something has gone wrong here. I thought, I mean, I tried, oh oh, I guess it’s back to the drawing board with this idea.

David Cameron will be very angry with me now.

3 comments to Of course *sl*m is a thousand million percent compatible with British values

  • Keen Reader

    A ban on the wearing of the hijab in any public place, and a ban on any sort of veil or head-covering or other sartorial indication of religious affiliation in State schools would be a good start. It would reduce overnight a potent, physical barrier to integration. It was sad to see on BBC Breakfast this a.m. two teenage girls, attending the same State school, nice lasses both of them, but one marked incontrovertibly as a Muslim by her long skirt and extensive headscarf. Both girls admitted that whilst they had no particular antipathy one to the other, they in fact did mix at school, but associated mainly with their own kind. Judging by the intellectual capabilities of both, as evidenced by their facial expressions and vocal interaction with the interviewer, in difference circumstances they could have been good friends.
    Whilst the majority of native-born UK citizens have long thought of themselves as British (English, Scots, Welsh, N.Irish) first and Christians second (I make no specific comment about Jews, since they mind their own business and cause no problem) it is evident that Muslims consider themselves first, foremost and forever Muslims, irrespective of their country of origin or the language they speak. That is a fundamental difference that no politically-correct leftie politician or journalist has even started to address.

  • MGJ

    Great stuff.

    Your two tables should be on a large billboard outside Parliament as a reminder to some of our more wilfully ignorant representatives of how the world (unfortunately) is.

  • John Fields

    Mr. Craig, what happened to your blog on UKIP?. I am worried about the comment
    made by Mr David Brown regarding the Hamiltons being at the centre of things.
    He is a typical English politician. He couldn’t care a toss about UKIP, like he
    couldn’t care about us voters. Lying comes as second nature to that man.
    Mr. Farage should dump the Hamiltons at the first opportunity.

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