May 2024

One reason Arabs loathe Israel and the West

I recently read this explanation of one reason Arabs loathe Israel and the West. It’s written by a Lebanese Arab woman, so she probably knows slightly more about the Arab mentality than people like *sl*mo-Dave Cameron and politically-correct BBC and Channel 4 supposed ‘reporters’ (Jon Snow and Cathy Newman, for example?):

“I believe the degraded state of Arab societies is caused by *sl*m. It kills self-expression, self-improvement and empowerment because the religion demands that *sl*m be the centre of one’s life and existence, and it dictates how you should be, how you should live. Unless you live under Sharia Law, according to *sl*m you are considered less of a human being and should be killed.  It has spawned generations of people who celebrate death over life, who glorify mass murderers, who exhibit a lack of forgiveness and instead have the drive for revenge. It is their lack of open culture, their lack of advancement and their continuous disrespect for infidels and anything non-M*sl*m that is the poison killing them from within.”

“From the moment they are born, Arabs are programmed to blame Israel and the United States for their ills. Instead of practising self-examination to discover why a third of their men and half of their women are illiterate, why they are not free under their governments, why creativity in science and technology is non-existent, why they have economic sclerosis despite having the world’s oil wealth under their feet, they turn their eyes and look for a scapegoat. It is much easier and more bearable to put the blame somewhere else instead of facing the truth. This tactic is freely employed by their fundamentalist mullahs and corrupt leaders to mask the detrimental effect of corrupt values and lack of freedom.”

“While many countries in the world are advancing, Arab countries are not only not moving forward, they are sliding backward. The Middle East is lagging behind because of social and religious values.” 

The author also pointed out that, in spite of having a population of hundreds of millions, only about 330 books are translated into Arabic each year compared to around 1,500 into Greek each year and close to 100,000 into Spanish each year as an indication of the intellectual backwardness of Arab countries.

I personally have the image of a family with three children. Two of the children (the West and the Far East) study hard, get an education and develop to have fulfilling and contented lives – not perfect (nothing is ever perfect) but reasonable. However one child (Arabs) doesn’t want to learn, disrupts others’ education, fails to get a decent job or establish proper relationships with others and then spends the rest of their life causing havoc within the family and blaming the two more successful children for their own failure. Probably many of us know families like that.

As I’ve written before, just look at a map of Arab countries (in green) and Israel:

blame Israel

How can the tiny sliver of coastal land that is Israel with its paltry six million inhabitants be responsible for the widespread poverty, backwardness, idleness, ignorance, filth, overpopulation and violence of the massive Arab world?

(and on a lighter note, here’s a BBC report of a Sudanese man being forced to marry a goat after being caught having sex with it I don’t know which is worse, the fact that he was screwing the goat or that the local mullahs used the teachings of a certain holy book to decide that he should now marry the goat!!!!)

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