June 2014
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The Iranians – a correction

From what David Cameron, William Hague and the docile mainstream media have been telling us for the last few years, you might have got the impression that Iran was ruled by a bunch of frighteningly mad mullahs intent on building nuclear weapons and causing global chaos (click to see more clearly)

You […]

M*sl*ms are our friends! Russia is our enemy! Errr…ummm….did I get that right?

As Islamists sweep effortlessly into Iraq from Syria, I feel obliged to repeat a post I wrote 6 months ago.

Our leaders have spent the last 6 months assuring us that Russia is an evil empire run by a James-Bondian villain – Vladimir Putin. At the same time they try to reassure us that Isl*m […]

Money-printer Osborne says only failures print money

As it’s the weekend, I’ll keep this short.

Hopefully readers all know that the Coalition has been ‘printing money’. If this had happened a couple of decades ago, the Government would have actually had to print a few hundred bilion £5, £10 and £20 notes. Now, using ‘quantitative easing’, the Government can create this money […]

How the Government lies to us about inflation

I’ve written before about how our Government always talks about CPI inflation and hopes we forget about RPI – because CPI (which doesn’t include some things like housing, council tax, road tax and TV licence) is almost always lower than RPI. So, when telling us how high inflation is, the government uses the lower CPI […]

The LTA’s expensive tennis flops flop yet again

The Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA’s) serial no-hopers Dan Evans and James Ward have both lost in just the second round of the Queens Club tennis competition. Of course, both are reasonable players and much better than most of us will ever be. But when you look at the hundreds of millions of pounds that have […]

Britain’s miracle recovery! Britain is bankrupt!

Everyone knows the cliché ‘the operation was a success, but the patient died’. Perhaps this could be applied to Britain’s supposed ‘recovery’ from the 2008 financial crisis?

Almost every day we hear about Britain growing faster than any other developed country: how both manufacturing and services are growing: how our deficit is coming down and […]

It’s time to stop the Foreign Aid farce!

At the risk of boring readers, I’m going to use today’s blog to bang on again about the farce of foreign aid.

Here’s a list of the countries which received the most foreign aid from the developed countries between 2009-2013. For each country receiving aid, I’ve laid out the total aid handed over, the GDP […]

Africa’s brutal kleptocrats laugh at the West’s stupidity

Britain’s aid budget will be around £11.5bn this year. With about 30 million people working in Britain, this means that about £383 is being taken from every worker in direct and indirect taxes to be given to some of the world’s worst-governed, most corrupt and most hopeless basket-case countries.

Here are just five of Africa’s […]

“Soccer Aid” – don’t waste your money on this supposed “charity”

Apparently there is some kind of ‘charity’ football match this Sunday called “Soccer Aid”. I suppose a bunch of preening, self-regarding multimillionaire celebs will be taking part while ‘doing a Bono’ – telling us to give our hard-earned, heavily-taxed money to their wonderful charity, while they keep their own fortunes safely hidden away from the […]

Can Cameron see the irony in his D-Day celebrations?

Today our great leader, David “Winston” Cameron, lines up with other colossi of international diplomacy – Obama, Hollande, Kerry, Van Rompuy, Barroso etc – to celebrate the Normandy landings which led eventually to freeing Europe from German domination.

And while we’re thinking about the liberation of Europe from fascism, maybe the gritty British fighter for […]