October 2021
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All I can do is dream

Here it is, the house I’ve been wanting to buy


But sadly I can’t quite afford it. After all, the paltry £1,200 or so a year I ‘earn’ from writing books just about covers my beer bill.

Now, if everyone reading my blog were to donate £200 each to my ‘buy me a house’ fund, then after selling my current home, I could afford it.

Or if I could find a rich sponsor who would subsidise me while I write a few new books, then I could afford it. After all, I’m hopefully doing some kind of public service by writing about some things the mainstream media prefers to ignore in the hope they’ll go away.

Or I suppose I could get a job. But as I’ve been blacklisted from the management consultancy industry for writing a couple of whistleblowing books – RIP-OFF and PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR – that’s not quite as simple as it should be.

But until then, all I can do is dream, dream, dream.

3 comments to All I can do is dream

  • John Fields

    Who do I make the cheque out to?

  • Paris Claims

    I don’t know why your books don’t sell in larger numbers, they’re a great read. Perhaps you should write a book about Simon Cowell or Cheryl Cole?

  • NG

    Sadly you’d have to make the cheque out for around £50,000 for me to be able to afford the house as you’d be the only person contributing. Pity I don’t know any rich people.

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