June 2024

Will Britain’s BOOBs ruin us all?

We’ve got NIMBYs, DINKs, MILs, SAHMs, RFFMs and many more acronyms to describe groups of people we may love or loathe.  So let me invent another acronym to add to an already rich collection – BOOBs. BOOBs stands for Bungling Over-promoted Over-paid Buffoons.

The BOOB most recently in the news is, of course, England football manager Roy Hodgson on over £3m a year plus generous expenses. His team, which couldn’t pass the ball, couldn’t attack and couldn’t defend, achieved the worst results in a World Cup for over half a century. Following his abject failure, the other BOOBs at the FA immediately voiced their support for him keeping his job. The BOOBs always stick together and protect each other. After all, apart from blowing £120m on the St George’s Park facility to develop coaches and managers of the future, what have the BOOBs at the FA ever done for English football? FA – that’s what!

I recently wrote about the BOOBs in charge of British tennis. The former head of the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) was paid a massive £640,000 a year plus generous expenses. The new head of the LTA gets £497,000 a year plus generous expenses. The LTA spends around £40m a year and has blown another £40m on a state of the art training facility and has still not managed to produce a single world-class player – Henman, Rusedski and Murray all trained outside the LTA BOOBs’ deadening bureaucracy.

As for other sports. Rugby – lots of money spent by and on the BOOBs – totally thrashed by New Zealand. Cricket – lots of money spent by and on the BOOBs – totally thrashed by Australia.

But Britain’s BOOBs are not just wrecking sport while enriching themselves. They seem to be everywhere where taxpayers’ money is up for grabs.

The NHS – previously run by the true king of BOOBs, Sir David Nicholson. Over 1,200 killed at the Mid-Stafford NHS Trust (for which he was directly responsible), about £4bn wasted on a worthless computer system which was eventually scrapped and tens of millions squandered on legal fees and compensation silencing whistleblowers who could have revealed just how appalling Nicholson’s NHS actually was. Sir David Nicholson – a magnificent example of a Bungling Over-promoted Over-paid Buffoon.


Then there’s the fragrant Baroness Ashton – perhaps the queen of BOOBs. Never elected to any important post in her life, she somehow became the world’s highest paid diplomat. And what did she achieve? With Iran she completely failed to slow down the mad mullahs’ rush to become a nuclear-armed state so they can wipe out Israel. As for the Ukraine, her other great diplomatic ‘triumph’. The Ukraine could have continued trading with both Russia and the EU. But BOOB Ashton apparently gave the Ukraine an ultimatum – if the Ukraine joined the Russia-dominated Eastern free-trade area, the EU would refuse to increase cooperation with the country. Brilliant? No, a disaster whose consequences we still can’t predict.

Then there are all the BOOBs in charge of the laughable Border Agency, the ineffective Ofgem, the impotent Ofwat, the floundering Financial Conduct Authority, the pathetic paedophiliac BBC, the bungling Bank of England (which gave us the greatest recession in British history), the dreadfully-led British military (which has just lost two wars – in Iraq and Afghanistan) – BOOBs all of them.

In fact, I can’t think of a single body in Britain that is not run by a bunch of BOOBs.

2 comments to Will Britain’s BOOBs ruin us all?

  • John Fields

    I think that you have put your finger on the demise of our country.
    These people seem to revel in failure.

  • Paris Claims

    That Nicholson berk was once a card carrying member of the communist party. Can you imagine, if just once he had been suspected of showing the slightest sympathy for just one BNP policy, he would have been promoted to any position higher than that of a janitor? Not a chance.

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