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Has Ed Miliband just won the 2015 General Election?

It seems incredible. Ed Miliband was a member of the worst government Britain has ever had and he was a key supporter of the worst chancellor and then worst prime minister Britain has ever experienced. As Energy Secretary, he was responsible for probably the most destructive piece of legislation in British history – the 2008 Climate Change Act. He lacks character, personality, decisiveness and leadership. He is the glove puppet for Ed McCluskey and Unite and Barroso and the eurocrats. He doesn’t care about Britain and is keen hand over our sovereignty to the great EU socialist superstate. But in spite of all this, he seems to be on track to become our next prime minister.

By promising to freeze energy bills, Miliband has exposed the massive weakness in the Tories’ supposed recovery – that the recovery has only benefited the rich few at the expense of the many. The government’s desperate QE to keep down the interest it pays on its own ever-increasing debts has made the rich richer and the rest of us poorer. QE pushes up the prices of assets like shares – mostly held by the already wealthy. But it increases inflation which hurts the less wealthy and destroys the savings of those who can’t afford expensive financial advisers and tax-avoiding accountants.

As I explain in my latest book GREED UNLIMITED, Cameron and Clegg have protected the predators in our society – CEOs of the big companies, overpaid civil servants and public-sector bosses and of course the government’s generous friends in banking, not a single one of whom has been prosecuted and jailed.

The economist Roger Bootle, not a rabid left-winger, wrote: “It turns out that, in our society, the easiest way to make an awful lot of money is to take it, legally, from someone else. Not only do we allow and encourage sky-high returns to be available for distributive activity but society also accords high status to people who enjoy these sky-high returns. It makes no distinction between the man who makes his money through an invention and the man who makes it through a bet”.

With his promise on freezing energy bills, Miliband has spotted that we’re tired of being ripped off by banks, water companies, energy companies, insurance companies, pension fund managers and all the other predators who have done well from the crash and subsequent years of stagnation.

Of course, Miliband never mentions things like uncontrolled immigration, eye-watering public-sector waste, the greed and thieving of our politicians and our abject subservience to Brussels. But just by his one simple promise to freeze energy bills, Miliband has exposed the Government as supporters of the many predators who are fleecing us and he may have just won the 2015 General Election.

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3 comments to Has Ed Miliband just won the 2015 General Election?

  • Paris Claims

    Cameron/Miliband…can’t see much difference. Probably a few more strikes, but it will probably be same old same old.
    If Miliband gets in we’ll have more “public service” strikes as they all put in for 40% pay rises and shorter hours, and we’ll have to endure McCluskey’s ugly mug over the papers and TV.
    We’ll still have more immigrants, higher taxes and less sovereignty. Politicians and their chosen few will enrich themselves at our expense.
    UKIP really is our last chance saloon.

  • jed goodright

    UKIP is nothing more than a rabid right wing incest pot – anti-intellectual, anti-human with a credibility rating greater than the national debt!!

    Hopefully, none of them will get in and we can get on with living our lives peacefully

  • Paris Claims

    Tory council leader who shot dead his wife had secretly abused her for nearly a decade, inquest hears
    24 Sep 2013 18:54

    The council leader laid in wait with her clay-pigeon shotgun and murdered her in cold blood before taking his own life

    Now all Golden Dawn’s leaders have been arrested in the wake of one of their supporters allegedly killing a lefty rapper, no doubt on EUSSR instructions, can we now expect to see plod dragging away Cameron & co?

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