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Is Barclays being beastly to Britain’s hard-working Somalis?

The useless, left-wing BBC news came up with a good “bankers horrible to hard-working immigrants” story this morning.

British bank Barclays has announced that it will suspend business with money wire transfer services operating in Somalia.  Barclays was the last bank providing these services to Somalis. The bank says it fears the transfer services are being used to fund terrorism.  But humanitarian aid groups in the country have called on Barclays to postpone its plan to allow time to find a replacement of the service, on which up to 40% of Somalis rely.

Money transfer is a huge business in Somalia, used by tens of thousands of Somalis to send and receive money from abroad. Oxfam (which spends about a half of our donations on its own bureaucrats’ generous salaries and pensions) estimates that “hard-working” Somali migrants in the UK may be sending as much as £100m a year back to Somalia, about 12.5% of the total amount of £800m that goes to the country. That’s about £1,500 for every Somali man in Britain.

So, what’s wrong with the BBC story? Well, for a start, Britain’s 300,000 Somalis are not “hard-working”. Even the pathetic Guardian admits that at least 65% of Somali men and over 90% of Somali women don’t work. The Office for National Statistics comes up with similar figures (click to see more clearly)

Then where does the £100m a year British Somalis send back to their country come from? Obviously an awful lot of it comes from our benefits system. We’re constantly being told by the BBC and the Guardian that it’s a struggle to live off benefits. But Britain’s Somalis, with their large families, seem to have no problem living here and having plenty of cash to spare.

Some of the £100m probably comes from drug dealing by groups like the Woolwich Boys – a 300-strong gang consisting mainly of Somalis that controls the local drug trade. We can thank the Woolwich Boys for giving us Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale:

Whether it is dealing with benefits, immigration, supposed “Global Warming” or whatever, reporting by the BBC is becoming almost comical in its bias and its constant airbrushing of the truth in the interest of political correctness.

Oh and here’s our great leader sucking up to the Somali community that has contributed so much to Britain;


4 comments to Is Barclays being beastly to Britain’s hard-working Somalis?

  • Paris Claims

    The tax payer is funding his own destruction.

  • Rod

    You forgot to mention buying and selling “khat” drug. There was a big hoo-hah to ban mephedrone (legal high type drug) but khat was not banned for several years, even though the effects and active ingredients were virtually identical. One rule for Somalis (no doubt down to “cultural sensitivity”) and another rule for the rest!

  • Paris Claims

    whilst walking through Wembley a few years ago ( cup final day) there were posters on lamp posts with the message “don’t spit khat”
    It depicted a WHITE bloke gobbing a foul mess onto the pavenment!

  • Mike

    I bet St Vladimir wouldn’t put up with the spongers if he were running UK plc. No doubt Jacqui “Gravytrain” Smith will be showing the immigrabs how to claim against the system?

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